Search engine optimization need to pay attention to details

is the first to introduce the details about from the chain and the contents of it, whether because of the keyword for the fierce competition in the competition or the importance of the chain and content are self-evident, which is why there will be "the chain for the emperor, content is king" is the. In general competitive fields, such as a popular industry, an enterprise to search engine optimization, then you only need to do the content and the chain, and then insist on a period of time, basically OK, such as search engine optimization do www.ruibaiji贵族宝贝, over 20 days, only to rely on the contents of the update and the chain of sustained release, four words have two ranked first, two other difficult keywords have greatly improved. Moreover, optimization of the station or in the case of heart I don’t realize this ranking status, so depending on the content and the chain for a web site search engine optimization scheme in the general direction is no problem. Of course, the content and the chain of doing is to pay attention to the details. In terms of content, we recently discussed the most is the original, this is one of the most basic details, hope that all >

many people use search engine optimization as a very advanced things, of course, if you go deep to say, this thing is very high, for example, if a person can love Shanghai so well informed about the algorithm, he wanted to make a website ranking, the key word which website is easy go up, because he knows the algorithm, the algorithm is used to optimize the site is good. But now, even those who rely on Shanghai dragon orders or Shanghai dragon training money bigwigs, who did not dare say their estimate on the search engine algorithm thoroughly, because if not within the search engine core who want to do well is not possible. Based on this point, can prove that, if not Shanghai dragon on the search engine algorithm in-depth understanding, if you understand what love is as simple as the search engine website, and then follow the spiders machine preferences to optimize website, then you can reach your desired position, then almost all of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners must admit in fact, the search engine optimization is a less advanced things. At present, the competition in less competitive areas, as long as a good grasp of the content and the chain, then stick to it, almost certainly in less than two months can make the website ranking make up. This is why the current search engine optimization became more and more of the chain resources breadth and contest price system. The person doing some views and experiences in the process of search engine optimization based on some of the details should be noted about search engine optimization process, because some areas are competitive and sometimes people in the content and the chain’s performance is well matched; in addition, the content and the chain also has the skill to do; that is to say, whether it is difficult in the competition or competition is small, so sometimes the Shanghai dragon competition becomes the competition of the details of the optimization.

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