Shanghai Shanghai dragon love home a few new skills

when you want to do a what kind of site you have to go to the analysis of key words, title based on critical heat distribution, assuming you do is a Mandarin website so we can query results to choose keywords, according to the size of the index keywords to choose the first query results, Mandarin Mandarin the examination results query, the query results of Beijing mandarin. We through the target keywords, long tail word, word distribution area.

many new owners do not know how to operate the Shanghai dragon, and even many new Adsense don’t know what is the Shanghai dragon. Facing these problems the new owners need more time to learn the Shanghai dragon, for a new line of the railway station, what can we do to do rankings? Here are some simple steps to make new Adsense traffic surge.

is a website that all user experience, customers think you this site information enough, enough to believe, valuable love Shanghai will give you a natural site. There are many places need to pay attention to the construction site, such as the layout of the site keywords, keywords layout is the most important part of a website, when the customer is love Shanghai or other search engines to your site, site response speed is too slow or if the web interface layout is not clear or not love the customer the content will cause poor experience factors. Do a good user experience of your website do not matter. The user experience we can analyze from the following methods: suppose we do finance then we have to think through these aspects.


high quality original article: Based on Shanghai dragon after we need to add some high quality articles on our website, the web page to be rich and colorful and diverse, has good attraction, the most important thing is to continue to update the high quality articles, so as to make the keywords ranking way ahead. Shanghai has repeatedly stressed the need to make love website of high quality articles, many webmaster can’t write can go online to read some articles from thinking, a good article can be reproduced to a web multimedia chain increases and weight.

second, the selection and distribution of keywords

, two, to meet user borrowing to meet user management three meet user question four, to meet user information when you do website user experience we have to delve in other aspects.

third, high quality original articles and the chain



marketing strategy First, the user experience of

chain: Although Shanghai has refused to love the chain no longer to bring chain weight, many owners will say that the chain is not used, if you think you’re wrong, love is Shanghai’s refusal to junk the chain outside the chain of high quality love Shanghai will still give weight. The high quality of the chain we can get through the submission, purchase etc..


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