Step by step do not let the website be strangled in the cradle

              1: "don’t hard-edged"

              with a new eager to do a website, looking forward to being spider quickly included. Wait until the rapid rise after included again to rank, this is every webmaster mentality. Although this idea is good, but too eager for search engine easy to be strangled in the cradle. For a new station how to optimize the website, how to search engine does not fall into the sandbox? The traditional content is king, the chain for the emperor is not entirely appropriate to the new application, the new site should do is step by step, not anxious like old station every day a large number of links to content. Otherwise the result is likely to face that half done will be the site of the vortex into the sandbox, better escape soon, but for the low weight of new sites is not careful will directly die to be strangled in the cradle no development power. How to make the new Shanghai dragon, what kind of method is the most suitable for the growth of the new model? The author do the following discussion:

              most of the webmaster in website indexed by search engines after the first thing is to link a large number of exchange friendship, then to get the weight of each other, but the quick success of the state but ignore you are a new. The new exchange Links to several friends of the chain can act with undue haste,, and see more quality rather than quantity. If possible to be high the weight of a site, the appropriate exchange can be one to 2. You try to avoid relationships with equivalent weight Links exchange website, for a new station can not produce basically equal exchange.

              for a new station outside the chain is to be done, factors of rich content is necessary, otherwise the search engine will not visit your site should be indexed. But not the more the chain, the more the better. The search engine is a new station for about 20 days of the observation period, in this stage the website is about "stable", outside the chain of moderate daily updates every day even released, is the best choice. Otherwise, even if you update one hundred article original article one thousand a day of the chain, the search engine will think you are cheating. No other reason, just because you are new enough weight. Comprehensive railway station the author gives the suggestions for the new station every day: 2-5 original article, 20-30 chain.

              two: control Links

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