The selection of training personal opinions about Shanghai Longfeng talents

the arrival of the new year, many students began to go out and start a new journey to society, so that they are full of expectations; many Shanghai Longfeng company began to sell at the same time, the talent network recruitment, some start-up Shanghai dragon small studio to save money, for the recruitment of interns is a rare a valuable resource for them, most of the students in Shanghai Longfeng doesn’t know how to train them for a company is very important. Many companies recruit a group of students, but did not seize their hearts, but just the opposite, in vain to teach them nothing! Here’s what Shanghai dragon company how to hoard a batch of high prices members:

, a talent selection Two, the training of

every company is to interview this, but the people are not necessarily suited to Shanghai, this post, what kind of people that stay? What kind of person the kick? This must need to seriously consider carefully before deciding, although some people in character suck, but the work is very some people work is not prominent; what efficiency, but the character is very good and very obedient, personally think that in the long-term perspective, or the former should be kicked off, to prevent future trouble. In fact, for many do not understand the Shanghai dragon people, the key is to look at how we should go to train him, such as we can go to the task assigned to his execution, the implementation of the effect of the first can not say, after all, some people accept ability after all strong, while others accept ability is relatively poor, then we must first condition is the attitude, the attitude decides everything, in the face of Shanghai Longfeng specialist nature of the work, do not need too much Shanghai Dragon technology, the correct attitude, to make them bring greater contribution to the company.

high quality loss of talent is a big loss for a company, in order to try.

as saying goes, no good cheap goods; good goods are not cheap, in fact, the Shanghai dragon is the basic talent is so, if we are to recruit students, then we can take them as interns, opened salary is relatively lower than others. For the new culture have a set of methods to let them start to use some of the Shanghai dragon task in a short period of time. Personal information form to show that it is the way to lead their entry "shortcut", such as what is the Shanghai dragon, how to edit the text, how to false original, how to release the chains, which the chain is effective which the chain is invalid, which are based on the data in the form of illustrations to them then, according to these to explain to them, we may explain that they head, but never mind, as long as according to our list of processes to do OK, do these is enough, do not need to give them too much knowledge of Shanghai dragon phoenix. Because the pressure is more likely to give up, in fact they only need to contact a period of time will slowly understand these basic concepts.

three, how to retain talent

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