What is the Shanghai dragon fight Shanghai dragon Er upgrade must guide

The fight is mentality

is the first to endure loneliness, search engine optimization, is a long-term thing, not immediately, from the website included in the rankings, at least a month or so. If such a short time, you can’t wait, just want to pass a few days of the immediate, then you do not fit the Shanghai dragon, wrap it; the second mind is calm, not because the ranking of gains and losses, and influence over their emotions. The ranking is good, don’t be too proud to analyze their optimism, because those optimization methods can help to consolidate and rank, rank, rank temporarily not ideal, not pessimistic, to think, what has done research deficiencies, the competitor is much stronger than what learning. For example, although I am standing in the search "Dalian sea cucumber prices" tonight, ranking the first tenth pages, but I have a trace of joy at the same time, barefoot rabbit I am calm, I understand if you do not continue to work hard, it is easy to lose ranking.

you really interested in Shanghai Longfeng? You aspire to life in Shanghai dragon network marketing work? Or just look at this industry is very hot, a lot of money, so I join them? The answers to these questions determine, you work enthusiasm of Shanghai dragon. Often see some friends in the forum, although the Shanghai dragon, but he is engaged in the chain group, his understanding of Shanghai dragon, only stay in the post every day (chain) this level of understanding, Shanghai dragon work very simple. I dare to say that he is forced to work or engaged in Shanghai dragon is to look at this industry is very popular to join. As far as I’m concerned, I love learning English in senior high school, and a very good english. Because I think English is very simple, it can bring me a sense of achievement. Now, I am determined to engage in Shanghai dragon industry, I feel more and more, Shanghai dragon, also give me a sense of accomplishment. The process of ranking up to do, like Daguai upgrade, also give me a sense of accomplishment.

3. practical experience (i.e. proficiency):



including the chain resources, human resources, etc.. The exchange of high weight of the chain, the weights of the domain name selection, Links, these are your own resources, any one, you have the advantage of.

4. resources:

is not what Shanghai dragon and master only rookie, novice and veteran. Practice makes perfect.! Shanghai dragon is not mysterious, general theoretical knowledge is so much, even if the search engine algorithm becomes more, the basic technique of Shanghai dragon, who is. You only in the practice of continuous learning analysis, testing, summary and improvement, in order to truly understand and know what is the operation of Shanghai dragon.


of interest and enthusiasm

more and more people engaged in Shanghai dragon in this industry, but many people are blind to join them. In fact, before joining the Shanghai dragon industry, it is necessary to understand, what is the Shanghai dragon industry in the end the fight

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