Website mobile imperative love Shanghai Webmaster Platform mobile special training salon detonated C

in September 10th, from Shanghai’s Webmaster Platform love love school, love Shanghai stationmaster Shanghai spider, Webmaster Platform senior engineer, products, education experts, a total of more than 10 people for the first time into the Changsha, and from central China, red net, golden eagle net China Huasheng online manufacturing network and other 59 well-known websites more than 90 senior managers and person in charge of technology exchange in depth how to better the trend of mobile website and love Shanghai interaction, to create a good experience for the users of mobile search and get more mobile traffic.

afternoon school is in the high-end salon owners dry cargo layer, experts from Shanghai love search resources cooperation department, Feng Bao Rui, Ji Dongqi, AppLink Product Manager Huang Yuhan explained the dynamic search tools and tools of the latest changes in future planning, mobile search traffic anomaly method, AppLink theme of prosecution.

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(Institute of high-end salon webmaster discussion site photos)

data show that at present, Shanghai love mobile search transcoding page on export volume of 300 million magnitude, which further proves that in this context, mobile search is a key ring in the ecological construction of a mobile station will have a brilliant future.

webmaster tools will be how to use the new version of mobile adaptation tools, how to better use the new keyword tool flow and data analysis etc.. In addition, Webmaster Platform in the salon for the first time and summarizes the mobile search traffic anomaly prosecution method, let the webmaster understand several causes of abnormal flow of mobile terminal, and fully informed of the investigation, how to solve the problem of how to meet the abnormal etc..

how better to move their own website, to better capture, love Shanghai is the webmaster has been collected the most concern. Organizers at the conference content and packet exchange links exhausted mind, from the website of angle ferret products and full answer participants wondered after the event, we have expressed reluctance to finish, get a lot of inspiration and harvest.

with the rise of mobile Internet, mobile website, imperative is irreversible. But how are mobile, and mobile can still stay ahead, has been webmaster hot and highly concerned about the topic.

conference is divided into two parts, in the VIP forum in the morning, experts from Shanghai Liu He love Webmaster Platform to love Shanghai mobile search topic selection of mobile technology and fell in love with the sea friendliness detailed "bring love to Shanghai mobile search principle, love the Shanghai rules, the platform in the mobile search business to the help for several websites are concerned about the direction to the participants for as long as 2 hours depth of explanation for Xiong Yongzhi, also from Shanghai love mobile search, is also the site of questions made a detailed answer.

(webmaster Institute training site photos)


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