A successful 10 day to kill a 7 of the weight of the site

I always believe this sentence: good! Is not reported, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind! Not to

home page

main web page: 300*50*300*=4500000 to achieve a simple calculation of the link structure of the chain based Mega specific certain more complex

OK, home probably gathered 300 popular keywords, and then click each keyword in Taobao is a guest single page, every single page at the bottom of a pile of about 50 words.

first, October 11th, website and shopping products massive relevant keywords ranking beyond Alibaba and other large mall website. Love Shanghai micro purchase here is his website, how brilliant ranking…

simple analysis: his home is a station group aggregation website page is simply a site navigation form (with all the popular goods, the following keywords title) is part of a screenshot of the

said here, don’t be surprised by his brilliant, we calm down and think about it, you know there’s a trick. He is a guest site, can do 7 of the weight of what is a concept, that he has a comparable beauty, the strength of mogujie贵族宝贝, but in fact, he is really a very serious contusion site, cheating! The following is beautiful to say the data

mass keyword ranking so many people covet

continue to click each keyword you will see a strange phenomenon, is each page corresponding to the URL are not the same, the inside pages open new page each keyword corresponds to a new web site, this is the station group mode

after testing, each station group in the domain name with the website home page is similar to that of the accumulation of popular keywords around 300, so as to form a huge network link.

second, we look at the chain from the site analysis data, reached qianwanji amazing, this is enough to support the weight of the 7 version of

screenshots, but some time enough to prove the glorious history of data:

this site if the K is not just the biggest joke in the world, the love of Shanghai search engine in a blatant provocation of high-tech, in the palm of all Internet webmaster face.



on the Internet, any attempt by non legitimate means (such as black hat, Shanghai dragon) with search engines, to deceive the user’s behavior will be a devastating blow! Recently witnessed a decline to zero flow from the guest site of 7 of the weight of the "brilliant" "".




visible before the eyes. There is no pre The chain

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