For what are the guiding significance for Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon in the future is difficult to account for the search marketing mainstream, for small and medium-sized enterprises or small website. For the web site, can play a long tail power, they are not afraid, I have seen more than 90% web site traffic comes from the long tail word. So they do not bid live well. The long tail force is difficult to develop the small and medium-sized enterprise site, because of the pursuit of co.. For example, a website you how so total on dozens of hundreds of pages, how can you get a lot of traffic, small and medium-sized general station of Shanghai Longfeng flow >

network marketing with traditional advertising has a huge difference, one major difference that can do precision marketing based on data. Do the bidding is beneficial to get a lot of data, such as a small business just to recruit a staff of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon personnel for the enterprise products, customers, competitors in a short time is difficult to understand. One important may be many people ignore things, that is the search behavior of this industry is very difficult for us to understand. For example, we are doing the tin packaging, I never thought that users will search the tin box. The auction will have this feature, we can use widely, early, so that we obtain a large number of keywords in the short term, we can know the user’s search behavior, which can provide reference data for future precision marketing.

may bid may be lost in the early stage of extensive type of investment, but these statistics to search behavior and keyword value, to the great value of precision marketing in the future play. Because the search application is the largest, the next five years is the case, the search engine is still the biggest source of traffic entrance, the largest Taobao store also believe that its search entrance, Alibaba is the same, I believe the same Jingdong open platform. So a search where there is a Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the dragon and the place is ultimately keywords. Keywords after we do a lot of basic promotion, actually do Shanghai Longfeng marketing is the first thing a keyword thesaurus. Keywords hidden inside a lot of information, such as user behavior, user needs, search for and so on. So when one came to join a business personnel of these data is very important.

I always view is that Shanghai can not only do light dragon Shanghai dragon, of course refers to the small and medium-sized enterprises, such as a tens of millions of websites, may need more people. But a small business site so dozens of products, dozens of pages, one can simultaneously manage multiple sites, can also be a multitasker. But I want to say is the marketing work around your site, to Shanghai as the center of the Dragon marketing. For example, enterprises also need to do micro-blog promotion traffic to your website, video marketing can promote the brand, allow the user to remember your site name, then search your brand words into your website, so to promote the weight is also very good, of course this promotion is quite much, there is only an example, then why do the bidding.

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