How to analyze the mining site keywords high quality

2, use the search engine to provide the related words. Love in Shanghai or Google search, it will display a "search" toolbar is in the bottom of the search results page, these words are closely related to your keywords, users in the actual use of the word, don’t ignore them, they will also remember your paper. I still use the "hair" and "off the word" hair search, attention for finding related words, try not to choose too long or less traffic, otherwise the search word correlation may not be too high.

let’s say in detail, how to find the website keywords high conversion rate:

", "postpartum alopecia alopecia causes" two related words, add them to your keyword list. This adds a few new words, such as "hair", "hair do", "what to eat good hair", "young people hair loss" we use Baidu Index to see how they flow.


as a webmaster, we make the goal of the website is to attract as much as possible to sell products to flow. So to understand what kind of keywords can bring potential customers is crucial, that is to say before making the website content, should first conduct a market survey of some related industries, to determine the better your target keywords is not futile, but an empty water bamboo basket.



1, first of all to imagine that you are the goal of the website users may use what kind of keywords to search. For example, the website is the treatment of hair loss products, generally think of the word "hair", "hair loss reasons", "hair loss how to do", and then took out a pen and paper to make a list. Go to love Shanghai inside the index to check how the daily search volume. Here we must note that the best choice of time width of half a year or 1 years. From the figure you can see, "" hair word search amount is maximum, the average daily flow of about 1200, "how to do" hair flow undulating, about 800 daily, "" the daily average of about 130 hair loss reasons. A brief analysis of the word "," hair of the largest flow, believe that competition is also a lot of novice if not sure beyond the competitors, can focus on how to do the "optimization" of hair loss have a certain flow, less competitive keywords.

From the above we can find the "

from the above that the "hair", "young man hair" two words no traffic, so we do not consider the optimization, get rid of. "Hair" and "hair" what to eat two words a day flow around 700, these two words can be considered as keyword optimization. With the above method, you can find a lot of trust and ">


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