GTmetrix professional free web page loading speed evaluation

The following


3. a moment will be a result, provide a brief report to you (automatic rating Oh, and now the exam is like…



4. if you do not know your loading speed is fast or slow, you can enter a station to compare the results, such as the noble baby贵族宝贝


1. into 贵族宝贝gtmetrix贵族宝贝



2. map Analyze Performance of: input to test the web site:

here to talk about the method of use:

web page loading speed is the key for a website to imagine your love into a take a long time to be loaded in the website? Moreover, search engine also requests the web page loading speed. The web should be fast.

please indicate the transfer from the original link address: 贵族宝贝eincy贵族宝贝/gtmetrix



Gtmetrix is a free evaluation of foreign web page loading speed of service, very professional, provides a detailed report, and will save each site records, you can easily see the changes in the history of a website loading speed.

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