Grassroots webmaster reason for your answer web traffic anomaly

industries has his pale, peak seasons, we take the lottery lottery software industry, we do business, lottery sales will have an impact on us. We are in the winter season, this time the traffic will be relatively large, and we will reduce the flow of summer. For this season and season, I usually compared to last year’s data, to see whether the lottery industry has a big change, so the data analysis can see the change of the flow is caused by changes in the market site traffic anomaly or entire lottery industry.

in the process of website optimization, website traffic anomaly is often happens, but careful analysis of the abnormal data owners believe that few. Many webmasters may be more concerned about is the love of Shanghai, included, ranking the weight. The ranking did not fall, weight did not drop, other things are not important. In the lottery website operators work is highly valued for the traffic data analysis.

holiday web traffic caused by the change in the US is very easy to understand, we can not change the impact of traffic. I took the eleven national lottery website during that time, the website traffic floating is very obvious, although we can not change the holidays, but we can be compared with previous data. Flow change holidays was relatively regular, can be compared and analyzed the influence factors and the various holidays.

industry by the international policy impact is very large, such as lottery industry, remember in April this year the national Internet sales of color website punish, blow illegal online sale of color hall. The more we 贵族宝贝 lottery software sales impact is very large, the policy to combat this effect, lottery operators in the online sale of color this demand, the demand for lottery software.

Effect of

analysis is a part of website optimization of website traffic anomalies, data analysis is of great help to the work of Shanghai dragon. In the analysis of lottery software products station data, most of the time no reason for analysis, but the analysis process is a very big help. What are the reasons that the abnormal change of site traffic? For some reason often, here I from the lottery website operating experience and the.

2, Effect of

1, holidays

the market activity only when our own website promotion, the flow is our human impact, so the control of this will be much larger. In the data analysis we can see how our market activities effect. We do lottery website promotion of activities before and after activities, activities, three time data analysis. In the next activity, in contrast to these data, it can improve on how to carry out promotional activities, can provide maximum flow for site analysis.

4, the impact on the industry policySome

3, market activity

industry off-season and the season

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