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So This is

see here, what do you think? May the eyes of one thousand people, there will be one thousand Hamlett, let Xiao Xian to talk about her eyes of Hamlett.

, one of IQ, EQ can determine his occupation development prospects, but in this competitive society, BQ (Beauty quotient beauty) determines your contacts and promotion opportunities, hope Shanghai dragon as of today, face image, /p>! "


think-tank, Shanghai dragon may they feel what does this have to do with cola, do not know if you have noticed, Coca-Cola put the 8 above.

at Milan Fashion Week 2010 (September 2009), Coca-Cola (Coca Cola Light) to participate in the Italy fashion coat design eight famous fashion brands include: Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine, Etro, FENDI, Marni, Missoni, Moschino, Versace.

: first, do not know if you have noticed these bottles in common is: all women’s fashion, although Italy is rich in color, but the color is free in the outside of each one has its own merits. These designers are invariably fashion moved to the coke bottle, will combine the brand style and cola bottle full together, exquisite curves, full of fashion sense and design sense. I believe everyone will be deeply attracted, remember him. In other words, we each Shanghai dragon should be independent to create their own personality, the first step should learn how to show themselves by external, to show their charm, show their flash point. As a Shanghai dragon, if you go to the interview, you disheveled, eyes dull, a "underdog" appearance, showing a lack of self-confidence, abjection, blind, decadent image. Wisdom in your diploma, when ability and competitive rival, HR must choose a job with him the image of the people, because the image in the silent transfer of the job value. Again, here, may be a lot of Shanghai dragon are confused, I do not often go to the interview, ask, we are Shanghai dragon is not every day to work, your dress is representative of yourself, your spirit, even your clothing color in every moment in effect your energy, your attention on the effect of the boss.

started Shanghai dragon, experience is not enough, the two day inadvertently see Coca-Cola advertising creative, we think Shanghai Longfeng should learn some nutrients from the ad. Why? Please look at the picture below.

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