By the pseudo original Google refused to participate in the AdSense plan on site optimization errors

But in any case the

pseudo original, it is essentially a kind of plagiarism, but also to the original author’s respect. Without the consent of unauthorized use of someone else’s article is a kind of offense, not to mention the article will be modified out of order? Website optimization ranking we can enhance the sense of urgency.

, a pseudo original itself is a kind of plagiarism and fraud

is a pseudo original, not to write out, do site optimization friends how much they know some of the original false method, the author has also specifically wrote "highlights the website content optimization pseudo original analysis method" published in the A5 Adsense online, this paper summarizes and elaborates the pseudo original and quasi original methods. It should be said that many more in-depth pseudo original method, in fact, has been close to the original, or is a quasi original. Even with their own efforts as plagiarism, composition, also search engines are more likely to be recognized and accepted.

In fact,

is common to both users and search engines, or opposition is absolutely what kind of blatant plagiarism and pseudo original do not accept. I can see some of the more commonly used pseudo original methods: one is to change the title, adjust the paragraph order; two is to use synonyms or antonyms replace words, or change the order of parts. Because the operation is simple, do not need to spend too much energy, the two method is the most used web site optimization personnel. In fact, many pseudo original tools, so it is adopted, there adjust paragraph or language order, with the same order. Replace the antonym.

this also reminds us of the website optimization, is now there are still many people many websites, kept by software tools to brush station and pseudo original? But we through the search engine over the feedback information, can get a basic conclusion is provided through the pseudo original ranking method is no longer effective. The reason is very simple, that is the pseudo original itself is a kind of plagiarism, is a kind of search engine cheat, there is no higher user experience, that these are not the search engine. Because if the cheating can let the site quickly upgrade the ranking, it is contrary to the original intention of search engine.


in mid January, Google through Adsense blog announcement, will prohibit the content of pseudo original or other non original website in Adsense advertising promotion plan. Google gives the reason is that such practice is to ensure that a user experience, more important is to ensure that customers can cooperate with value and related websites. Google said, only high-quality content and natural flow combination, everything will fall into place. Since the launch of Google Adsense, after examination and supervision mechanism is relatively loose, some people not only use pseudo original crazy trick search engines, Google and earn advertising advertising. So the pseudo original has been banned Google slowly, and said, more webmaster through the brush tool station malicious click Adsense advertising, invalid waste those who put ads.

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