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3, start an online business,

is known as "reselling websites", and if you know how to build a website that is attractive and profitable, it can make you hit the nail on the head. Want to roughly estimate how much money the reselling website can make, go to SitePoint Marketplace to have a look.

5, join the ranks of paid sites

, such as the birth of search engines, is designed to make it easy for people to search for the information they want. was born to make people communicate easily, so they quickly became popular and traditional. For example, the immediate LBS technology, it >

2, learning affiliate marketing, mastering sales skills,


build your own online business or company and make a profit by selling your special services or products. Popular online trade include: web design, advertising copywriting, writing, online marketing, etc., just starting a business is very difficult, to recruit suitable candidates, but also have enough knowledge and the relationship within the industry.

The surface of

when you enter this industry network marketing, means that you don’t like civil servants that can stop to rest, because of changes in the industry is the industry that will not change rapidly; as the network marketing industry, technology changes so serious, such as the earlier SEO, many practitioners predicted that SEO will be the next ten years is very popular occupation, but the fact is that in 2012, sh419 almost ended SEO, at least over SEO many theoretical knowledge and technical means, so that those who think of themselves as the SEO master of people instant missing arm little leg.

for the network layman, through the network to make money is indeed an incredible thing, the following sum up with you, what are the ways to make money online?. I think this online method of making money is estimated to bring you a lot of inspiration, and perhaps you’ll soon have to resign and invest in the idea of making money online.

paid sites is that you don’t need to have your own website or any personal skills, >

, the network marketing industry as the spring and Autumn period, smoke, but to the feudal lords vying for the throne; a look, you will find that no matter what kind of new marketing model, their "biography" is all the same; in the interests, to the interests of. The author Li Xuezhi believes that this is why meet the eye everywhere in the network marketing industry control technology more and more, more and more common, halfway out of mediocrity. Just remember that interest can never make an enterprise grow, fighting for benefits will only make a person’s vision become short-sighted, thinking becomes insignificant, difficult to progress into a real talent.

has a lot of paid sites on the web, which is the website that pays you to receive mail, do research, try registration, and browse web pages. Sites that pay you to complete registration are usually paid for by pumping.

if you are a real talent, then you will take the time to learn to change, or take the time to do specific work? Only the general mediocrity will extremely urgent put every kind of new marketing model as a subject to study, when he thinks well, going to practice when a new marketing mode has emerged; how terrible

The advantage of

makes money by buying, selling, and developing domain names. A domain owner buys a lot of domain names and sells them to other interested buyers, which is similar to offline property transactions. Domain owners also rely on developing websites and selling them to buyers to make money.

is to build a website or blog that earns revenue by advertising and selling products or services. There are many types of money blogging, and you need to choose a blog style that matches your interests, plans, and skills. A simple blog only through the use of paid blog sites, at least a month can earn hundreds of dollars.

network company Li Xuezhi think, whether it is SEO marketing, SEM marketing, SMO marketing, LBS marketing, or a marketing model behind will appear, their principle is the same: to help companies sell products. This shows that what a marketing person really cares about should be sales and the product itself. The network marketing mode are extensions of the Internet technology, and based on these technologies is often to convenience and comfort, and for the sale of technology must be low and difficult to popularize the technology, which is the popularity of the technology is often to a cause.


SEO, the SEM is more valued by people, people suddenly feel that SEM is to save the enterprise Paladin! The result is, in the enterprise SEM marketing is like a swarm of bees blind crunching, the price straight down, so that the search engine service providers to make over, enterprises are like a chicken ribs usually got. Enterprise panic, enterprises urgently need to find a cost-effective than SEM marketing means; therefore, SMO marketing appeared, LBS marketing appeared.

sales refers to the promotion of a particular product or service. When a customer buys a product under your recommendation, you can get a commission. Affiliate marketing is a large, profitable industry that covers a range of topics and related fields. If you’re interested in fitness, you can earn money by promoting fitness videos or lessons. In fashion, you can recommend a friend to a fashion company through a distribution alliance and take it out of it. The amount of money you make depends on what you sell, and if all goes well, affiliate marketing will be the best way to make money online.

4, domain name trading and online real estate transactions

The collapse of

1, build blogs or websites to make money

One of the best ways to make money online

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