The chaos of the media needs more systems to sustainGrassroots Entrepreneurship how to register the

from the current media although fiery, but still chaos, but also need more detailed laws and regulations to improve.

Zhang Aiguo believes that competition in the Internet industry is too large, coupled with no corresponding threshold and conditions, resulting in disorderly competition, some practitioners indulge in their own bottom line.

have done more successful in this regard is famous in the recruitment website, job has not registered and buy costly when choosing 51job.

is the first to determine the scope of the domain name according to their own website to do the service type and the theme, the aim is to promote their business to business, it should pay attention to brand protection, domain name choice must be conducive to the establishment of the brand. Here recommended brand initials, spelling Jianpin or domain name, it is best to double. In the absence of a better choice, a brief three spell is also considered. If you want the domain name has been registered, and the purchase is unlikely, you can add some specific characters 51, 91, I, e, ol, 123, 8, and so on.

traditional media people have resigned, opened the public number from the media; three or four lines of young people to set up mobile phones, live through the search to find a new way to earn money. And like Luo Zhenyu, Wu Xiaobo such earlier "out" people have formed their own brand through the content, and to gather a group of loyal users.

but since 2015, Wang Jianlin, Alibaba, Hangzhou Wahaha and many other enterprises or individuals have sued the court for infringement from the media. The positive collision and friction between the media and corporate goodwill are intensifying.

September 1st, the "Provisional Measures for the administration of Internet advertising" hereinafter referred to as the "Provisional Measures", implemented to all types of advertising publishers have laid down their rules. But reporters observed that, although sh419, Tencent, Alibaba and other large Internet companies have actively implemented the provisions, but there are still many dead corners need cleaning.

of course if it is local website, it certainly is the best use of local area code and name Pinyin related domain name, if there is a large sum of money to prepare, can use the perfect domain name, such as Shanxi Province, the local site, sufficient funds can buy shanxi, and if you do not want to spend or some difficult situations, such as the extension of domain name, shanxila Shanxi is a good choice, but there are many successful models. For instance, 500bifen/, which wants to do instant sports scores, is better suited to

Zhu Wei, deputy director of the research center of communication law at China University of Political Science and Law, believes that the existing provisions for advertising from the media, in the concrete implementation of the complex situation facing. Since the media advertisement is different according to the position of the advertisement, there are differences in the definition of the responsibility of the publisher, and even a number of subjects coincide, which makes it difficult to review and identify the responsibility.

, in the choice of domain name suffix sites.Cn,.Net,.cn,.Org popularity decreased, if it is to state organs or organizations do, then choose a special domain name on the right, it will not do more to explain. Many high prices of non mainstream suffix, it is recommended that the owners are away from it. After the registration of a good domain name, if the conditions permit, you can also register the corresponding.Cn and.Net, and do a good job of brand protection.

domain name generally used for commercial companies, but as the suffix of the world’s most widely used, everyone can register domain, and on the site, the number of using the domain name of the site has reached more than 100 million. Love has become a net, and the best choice of Hongkong user registration domain name.

is now the golden age of new media, as well as the wrestling age between technology and law, and the era of integration between media space and public space.

Although the

a few days ago, in the research center of China University of Political Science and Law communication law recently held entitled "network era from the media infringement of goodwill for" law seminar, Beijing netcomms Regulations Department deputy director Zhang Aiguo believes that some network practitioners, through the release of information on the Internet rumors caused by the infringement of the relevant personnel, but he from in the society, and benefit from the derived from the interests of the chain.

now what entrepreneurship most fire? I’m afraid most people will say content entrepreneurship, especially in the Papi sauce, after the fire, and so on, content entrepreneurship is increasingly familiar and promotion. From the media, as early as a few years ago has not been well known, but the past two years has become increasingly hot.

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registration domain name seems simple, but for a web site development is very important, also let a good choice domain name has become not so simple. Good domain name for web users >

with the development of science and technology, it is necessary to use the mass media to achieve widespread dissemination of information, and can rely on "two micro end" into the public space. But experts pointed out that the network space is not outside the law, from the media operators to comply with the law, engaged in Internet information services.

just contact the Internet and the domain name, as a novice how to choose a suitable domain name? The site is the first domain name, the author from the analysis of himself and many of the practical experience to bring some suggestions:

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