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start empty-handed make money really is not an easy thing, if you have money, you can choose to do the traditional industry, in general, the project has a broad market, even if you went, as long as there is adequate follow-up funds support, hold down is money. But if you don’t have much money now, then you need to choose a low input venture to make it easier to succeed. Then, what are the low investment projects for self made entrepreneurs? The network will give some examples of the project.

said that the word "scratch" would have many people excited about it, and it would be a proud thing if you could do it on your own. However, the bitterness is not ordinary people can bear, the poor and blank people to start from the starting point has been lagging behind the others, if not a very firm belief, it is difficult to stick to the end. So many of the friends on the road to entrepreneurship, often as Alibaba founder Jack Ma said: "today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is very good.". Most people die tomorrow night. Entrepreneurship is difficult to make money, there are no shortcuts to follow, but if you can choose a suitable road according to their own circumstances, then go back, relatively speaking, will be more open. This article is mainly for everyone to share some experience in entrepreneurship, analysis and venture capital project excavation and selection, choose a suitable path, you will go farther.

to say that the network to make money, perhaps some friends are not very understanding of this industry, simply speaking, the network is to earn money through the Internet this platform gains. There are many ways to make money in the Internet, and the most basic suitable for beginners is to promote advertising advertising by advertising commission. Advertising alliance was divided into many types, most of them are divided into CPA, CPS, CPM alliance, a small part is doing all the survey and return Commission union vote, code, this kind of way to make money for entry novice friends to operation, familiar with some basic network money;

startups need to give up some ideas quickly and decisively. If a funeral is held for each "killed" idea, then the last funeral is for the start-up company itself. For startups, giving up some ideas has become common, but sometimes it can confuse entrepreneurs or lower morale. But most of your ideas end up being abandoned, sometimes even all of them.

‘s famous investor, Paul ·, Graham Paul Graham defines startups as growth machines. There is no doubt that seeking growth is an important part of the development of start-up companies.

self-made venture making money project: network article

in order to make sure that you don’t go in the wrong direction, you need to abandon the idea that your thoughts are important.

2. advanced network money class

but growth is just one aspect of entrepreneurship. If growth is too fast, startups will explode". If you go in the wrong direction, then development will only lead to failure. And if the growth rate is too slow, then it will lose to competitors.


from scratch!

ideas need to become data points, speculation, or sandbox rules. Some ideas are not worth realizing, and they are valuable only when ideas are worth achieving. Startups need to spend a lot of time asking the question, "is it worth it?"

the fact that only the last thought saved makes sense. When an idea is saved, it needs to be confronted with the most severe

so, how are you going to "correct" development? As long as the development of faster than competitors? To ensure that the development speed in the controllable range, so that all the people are concerned about the correct target? How to make sure you take the first step in the approach to the

there are many people who have ideas in the business circle, but you don’t want them to work in your company. "The people with the idea" think that the most important achievement they create is these ideas, but the idea of start-up companies is everywhere, not rare. The idea itself is to be given up.

1. ordinary network money class

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lead: U.S. tech blog The Next Web published Sunday, data analysis firms Parse.ly co-founder and chief technology officer Andrew · Mongolia Talonguard Andrew Montalenti of the pedicle. This paper discusses entrepreneurial company survival skills, including the addition in a large number of ideas in the recruitment of enthusiastic colleagues to work, and not too concerned about the competitors.

if you already have a more in-depth understanding of some basic ways to make money online, then you in addition to you previously familiar with the operation of the project, you can try to enter a more advanced point network field, namely through the establishment, operation of the site to make money. This website make money, just contact the friends who may feel more complex, in fact, you just feel complex because you do not understand it, if you are willing to learn, when you become familiar with the way you will find it like any industry, and no special secret.

"good" ideas do not necessarily bring rewards, but only "testable" ideas. Entrepreneurs need to experiment with ideas, then experiment with them, while proving the success of the experiment is not a fluke.

quit thinking,

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