3 billion 200 million yuan worth of New Oriental online to three new board behind the secret you se

estimation of being a foreign alliance Wangzhuan personnel are clear, general formal alliance is not required for membership is to upgrade the members of the class to mention now, if you encounter the foreign PTC advertising alliance is to click before you upgrade your membership level of recharge, so basically can determine the alliance three hundred percent a senior member of alliance, after all just can get more click on ads, instead, even if you want to upgrade the grade of membership also.

more than 1100 teaching teachers are part-time;



, look, what other secrets are there from the announcement,

in the first quarter of this year, the top 5 customers are all new Oriental related schools;


network plus people vision improvement, there are a lot of personnel has not meet the domestic Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project now has begun to turn to foreign countries, among which the PTC advertising as a representative, because it does not need what technology, also do not need what you do, as long as you a finger click advertising on the money collected, although I did the foreign PTC click alliance is not many, but there are at least more than 10 or so, so for the foreign PTC ad clicks alliance still has to understand, in order to let the Chinese people suffer less difficult enough, and don’t let foreigners take our people as a fool therefore, in this I share a few fangpian experience, you want to do foreign PTC click advertising alliance, or have take a look at the do Wangzhuan

first look at whether the ad price of the PTC alliance is "reasonable",

New Oriental net latest valuation of 3 billion 173 million yuan, Yu Minhong is the actual controller of the company

New Oriental holding 68%, New Oriental Department of employee stock ownership of 18%, Tencent holding 12%;

according to disclosure, in February of this year, Linzhi Tencent to 320 million yuan investment in New Oriental net, get 12.5% equity, at that time, New Oriental net valuation of about 2 billion 560 million yuan. July, the New Oriental network has completed a new round of capital increase, eight market makers invested 52 million 880 thousand yuan to subscribe for equity interest in New Oriental, accounting for 1.6667%. According to this calculation, the latest valuation of New Oriental net reached 3 billion 173 million yuan.

4 new East Network ESOP platform, 101 employees, each holding over 3 million 500 thousand yuan equity value;

for the regular foreign PTC advertising alliance to click on the main, generally as long as you reach minimum payment limit, they will pay you within a specified period of time, but will not have what special restrictions, but some foreign PTC click on the alliance cheat is different, because when you reach the payment amount, some crooks in order to exploit the alliance you, will limit the request, the user must click on ads fifty times, or for a week every day on their alliance will give you the payment, but according to their needs, do click fifty times, and has lasted a week, this time they will say you no investment, so we can not limit withdrawals, so one after another, always can’t let you improve

according to the general situation, foreign PTC click on the alliance advertising price basically is not how high, on average one ad that is up to 0.005 or so, but it is more in the 0.0005 floating up and down, and the most important is the number of formal advertising abroad PTC advertising alliance click all not too much, especially those of the relatively high price of advertising is more scarce, if you encounter an advertisement price more than 0.01, and the number is more than 10 words, that this time our Wangzhuan personnel should be careful, because you may encounter is a liar or not the integrity of the PTC click on the alliance

although the New Oriental Group as a controlling shareholder of New Oriental Network holds 67.97% shares, but as can be seen from the figure below, Yu Minhong is the actual controller of New Oriental network.


then look at the Union payment or withdrawals amount requested by

note: TigerstepDevelopmentsLimited, a wholly owned Bvi Companies owned by Yu Minhong’s mother, is Yu Minhong, equity owner of

2015 revenue of 300 million yuan, net profit of over 15 million, gross profit of 70%, valued at 3 billion 173 million yuan;

landing A shares under the premise of heavy resistance, New Oriental online options landing three new board.

With the popularization of domestic



taped live the healthy development of business, the rapid development of business;


as the controlling shareholder, the New Oriental Group holds 67.9729% stake in the company, and the New Oriental Group 100% shares held friendly century Yu Minhong holds the 80% century; friendly shares, Yu Minhong’s mother, Ms. Lee holds 20% shares of Bamei century friendship. Yu Minhong holds a controlling stake in the New Oriental network through equity relations.

New Oriental network became a stock company in January 2016, the shareholding structure is as follows:

then look at the New Oriental, listed in the United States listed on the NYSE is the relationship between NOETGInc. and New Oriental network. NOETGInc. is a limited liability company registered under the Cayman Islands law. According to NOETGInc. >

Part 1: New Oriental online employees borrow three new board to make rich, platform teacher all part-time

also see if the alliance will force members to recharge to upgrade membership level

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