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      1.CPS: pay by sales effect. That is, according to the effective sales performance brought to advertisers, according to the predetermined percentage of sales to extract advertising costs. This will be the main form of Internet advertising in the future.

      4.CPP: pay the advertising fee by the number of valid calls. That is, the number of valid calls specified by the advertiser to pay advertising fees. This is a new way of combining marketing with telemarketing.

first, let’s see why today’s subject is called our time. I think it’s better to look back at the history of Silicon Valley. Because I spent some time in Silicon Valley, I know more about their history of technology development. From 60 to 80s in Silicon Valley, AMD, Intel, IBM, the three companies made the silicon chip, and then was born the computer concept. But computers were expensive at that time, and only some research institutions and large companies, such as Boeing, were able to afford it.

from 2000 to 2010, shlf1314 based companies, which connect computers to form the internet. shlf1314’s biggest mission is to connect all computer information to people. From 2010 to 2015, social media companies moved people’s social networks from offline to online. In fact, because we now have an Internet based society, and thus created these great companies.

from 2015 to 2020, some enterprises such as Uber, APP, sh419 take away, the United States and so on, they actually put people’s business behavior transferred to the line. In this virtual society based on the Internet, it is a commercial act. But some steps today’s business practices such as room service, can not be used to solve the robot? Can be solved by a driverless vehicle? So this is our time, we are very fortunate to enter the AI industry in this era.


      the only media company weiyi, founded in March 2007, was founded by senior marketing professionals in the Internet and is committed to the planning and promotion of online advertising and traditional media advertising. The only media company online media department focused on the planning and promotion of online advertising, specific forms of promotion include:

from 1980 to 2000, Microsoft and apple set up an operating system at the computer level to provide an overall solution for the computer.

this article deals with a speech shared by PerceptIn co-founder Liu Shaoshan at the Xtecher

      the only alliance has extensive experience in online advertising promotion and operations planning, especially in CPS and CPP. The only union also in-depth understanding of all kinds of difficulties encountered hard process and the process of establishment of the station in the station, so the only alliance to make full use of existing capital, provide a number of resources to support the only platform webmaster, webmaster support is one of the most important elite program:

      1. unique SERVER project: the only Alliance for the webmaster free server space and bandwidth. For small and medium sites with little revenue, the server and bandwidth costs per year may be the main cost of website operations. Webmasters can improve their network by exchanging resources with the only Alliance

fair in Shenzhen in April 12th

      Internet Alliance industry, after several years of development, makes the concept of effective marketing is no longer strange. CPL or pay by boot, or CPS paid by sales, is also a form of effective marketing advertising.

      the only media network media business form to CPS, CPP based, and combined with CPL, CPC advertising products, for members of the web site to provide a variety of advertising resources. In addition, the only media to provide data for each member of the real-time return of data reports, to facilitate members of the timely access to the site’s performance information.

today, I’d like to share with you about the contents of an unmanned vehicle. In the AI era, unmanned vehicle is the integration of various technologies, it is not a single technology, it integrates fifty or sixty technologies to a product on the assumption that the fifty or sixty points, although you do 49 points, but still not on the road driving. So I’m looking for an easier entry, like starting a robot.

      2.CPL: pay by boot registration. That is, guide the user to the page designated by the advertiser and complete the registration process, and then pay the advertising fee in accordance with the number of valid registrations.

when I first started my business, a lot of VC asked me why I wasn’t driving. I said I couldn’t do it for 35 years. Today I’m going to tell you why I didn’t make driverless cars for 35 years, and what exactly does it involve?.

why is it impossible to complete the development of unmanned vehicles within 5 years? Let’s take a look at CB INSIGHTS, a map of a very famous research institution in the United States

      3.CPC: pay advertising fees by effective clicks.

Hello everyone, today my topic is "our times", and this is actually a technical sharing within us.

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