The cheetah’s magic show technology listed on the new board of revenue is highly dependent on sh419W

1. mode. In other words, what kind of pain do you solve?. When you really solve someone else’s pain point, it’s possible that someone else will say that it will be established; on the contrary, it may not be true. And finding the point of pain, in a sense, is your business model.

in the open class, Chen Xiangdong to participants at the theme of "online education mouse + cement mode" lesson. The following is the dry extract of his speech:

in New Oriental when he is thinking about a topic, who one day will subvert the New Oriental, or who have some business inside a New Oriental will subvert the day, we suddenly saw a scene that one of the training market, we structure the marketing costs accounted for more than 20%, while the management fee plus the rent accounted for more than 20%, while the teacher may take more than 30%. We want to be able to release 20% of the cost of marketing, the rent can be reduced by 20% of the cost, the teacher to get more, this possibility does not exist,

so the actual control technology changed from Zhang Tao to kingsoft.

August 2015, Beijing cheetah formerly shell Internet will hold its modernshow technology 49% of the shares transferred to the Jinshan security, at the same time, the control of Beijing based on the cheetah Kingsoft security protocol.



really make some things of the six elements is essential, the first element is the model, second elements are the third elements of strategy, is the team, the fourth elements of your culture, the fifth element is your reward system, sixth elements are executed.


Beijing cheetahs at the completion of the equity transfer to hold 3.1% stake in science and technology, so it can control the modernshow Kingsoft security technology the proportion of votes for a total of 52.1%, so the Jinshan security has become the magic show technology of the controlling shareholder, actual controller unchanged, still kingsoft.



to 1-9 months of 2015 and 2014, and 2013 net profit was -951 million, -1329 million and -1176 million yuan.

Cheetah Mobile’s

2015 1-9 month, 2014 and 2013, the company’s top five customers accounted for total operating income ratio was 99.66%, 89.57% and 100%, the higher the proportion of customers is relatively concentrated and there is a certain reliance on major customers of sh419.

magic show technology loss is, at the beginning of 2013, the company’s main business will be provided by charging mobile phone desktop theme download service upgrade for the third party mobile phone desktop APP for Symbian mobile phone desktop to users of the system; the initial transformation of less income.

2. strategy. The strategy is how you do it, in other words, the way you build it, and what it takes to do it. We all know what is called disruptive innovation, there are three definitions, one is the high fees into low fees, second had low fees become free of charge, third is not easy to get into an easy to get. So we think when our strategy, of course there are a lot of content, but I think in fact every one of us on time to say, is how you model, through the differentiated difference competition, and ultimately makes you the threshold is constructed in the.

modernshow Technology Code: 837315 today listed on the new board. According to the information submitted to science and technology, science and technology to 1-9 months of 2015, 2014 and 2013 revenues were 10 million 880 thousand yuan, 8 million 180 thousand yuan, 920 thousand.

October 25th, entrepreneur online open class second Education held in Beijing stars drama village, with whom the founder chairman and CEO Chen Xiangdong, Hiroshige Education Group Chairman and general manager Huang Bo 101 long-distance education network to do the theme of sharing, work together with the network founder and founder of Jin Yan shields, college geeks love school education technology founder Wang Jianhong the discussion around online education market, the accumulation of early users concern; in addition to dry cargo share, site link warm-up exercises is to let the audience high turn, full heat.

since the founding of the company to August 22, 2014, magic show technology of controlling shareholders and actual control of Zhang Tao. In August 2014, the original shareholders of the company in Beijing star will be holding 22.2379% of the share transfer to the Internet.

2015 1-9 months, modernshow technology from sh419’s revenue reached 7 million 70 thousand yuan, total revenue reached 64.99%, to science and technology from the Tencent’s income is 3 million 150 thousand yuan, the total income ratio reached 29.03%.

shell Internet ownership change from 28.2649% to 50.5028%, became the controlling shareholder of the company; at the same time, because the Internet is shell Kingsoft security is controlled by the agreement, and control for Kingsoft Kingsoft security.

the pain in the second scene is that every organization says what systems it has, but which ones are the best and consumers lose it. So, according to such a painful point, I thought about whether I could start such a platform company and focus all the product logic on the teacher.

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