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set up blog mass software, I used the best blog mass software, function is very powerful, my favorite two functions is to automatically collect articles, automatic pseudo original and key >

remember me, must use the tools for Taobao customers, there is no best station, station does not matter, let you have to link everywhere! Net is more than ever is the big fish! But the manual machine! You have to manually build blog posts, to tell the truth, tell the truth in the day you couldn’t send a few a few blog blog. And I made a blog group software, as long as the edited articles are stored in the software, the day will be able to send more than 600 blogs, send four thousand or five thousand articles! Traffic is king, and do not make money off soft, Taobao is hard to

bulk mail also made an attempt to send mail, there is a shortcoming of sending, there are traffic, there are transactions, not without hair, and also very hard!

chose the letter, Wang’s reason is that the amount of funds is relatively large letter, once threw 130 million dollars to everyone loan, this is the last single investment in the field of Internet banking. Because of this relationship, Amoy pawn will be followed by everyone lending in-depth cooperation. Moreover, loved the letter recognition of the extent of the scouring pawn is relatively high, the two views.

another financing detail is that Wang’s original intention was to get $20 million. He plans to use the money to expand in other cities outside Beijing and Shanghai, and at the same time as soon as possible to start the construction of the brand of Amoy pawnshops, so that users believe that this is a good faith back

to the end of 09, Taobao update, send the information of more than 3 requires the verification code, although the want want group can still do, but the bulk cost is relatively high, the cost for ten thousand of the people on behalf of between 120-150, basically manual coding, there is no automatic unmanned value software introduce mass guard!

, then I try to group want group, but the effect is not good, because want group is a group of people in the advertising, no one to see!

on the acquisition of this round of financing, there are two details of concern, but also for the preparation of financing for entrepreneurs to make policy reference.

Amoy pawn with the popular P2P credit is also different, the former requires a certain pledge, from the common use of mobile phones, gold, to the plant, steel, these means of production are possible. Wang Yi in an interview with entrepreneur said, mainly to solve the user scouring pawn a problem that is in urgent need of money.

Amoy pawnshop is a company founded only a year, the online site only 6 months, A round investors are blue Chi, heli capital and Aurora borealis. What it does is combine the pawn line below the line with the Internet, say simply, you can understand it as O2O in the field of Internet finance.

experiments in January blog group, in February, this effect slowly showed, the mass are some large blog, Sina, and dispatch, sh419 and so on. Every day, I’ve built more than 600 blogs!

scouring the pawn shop has been Wang’s fourth venture project, after he was "Shanghai soft", "thousand feet" download and today’s beautiful founder. about his entrepreneurial experience and continuous trap, see the entrepreneur previously reported "30 year old before the start of four: the biggest pain is that they are wrong" after the Spring Festival, Wang started a B round of financing, the April meeting of all VC are concentrated in mid May, the completion of the delivery.

! What

watch sh419 hot list every day, Sogou hot list. It’s important to pay more attention to the heat list. Find some popular articles, send to your blog, hot keywords, this is a great amount of browsing, to constantly hair, non-stop hair,


specific methods is to send some articles, websites can take some chain yourself in the article, not directly to lose weight list, elaborate collection of 100 crown stores these articles, you can go to Sina, sh419 to find a space, find a lot, huh, into your own guest link good. You can also rewrite yourself, such as spring now, you can send some women related articles, with the spring women’s charts and so on, very good. This paper selected some women, women’s money earned, Taobao selling diet pills so much, also sell so well what is the reason. In fact, many have no effect, do you think there’s a reason! That reduce weight list me is full of the high commission, women is the most concerned thing, super hot! Super commission! Super deal! You can go where you have to look at the background of these products Amoy turnover rate of


Wang did, simply speaking, he tried to pull the pawn line below into an ecological chain. With the acceptance of the Internet financial improvement, looking for pawning the user through the online will be more and more, will match this part of the crowd to receive the corresponding collateral from the user, pawn recently, Wang is a thing to do. And if this collateral has become absolutely, Amoy pawn will organize online and offline sale will help pawn shops sell when the goods. At present, Amoy shops have activities almost every week at the mall. These two links, Wang Yi may receive commissions from them. In the future, the pawnshop may be involved in the money flow of the pawn shop, because the pawnshop is not always borrowing money at any time, and then he can share the proceeds of the loan.

08-09 I want mainly by mass, day 100 thousand a month earn 10000 dollars easily, Amoy is really a good way to make money.



recently, a domestic website known as scouring the pawnshop announced the acquisition of the letter capital and blue Chi venture capital of more than $30 million B round of financing. Founder of the first time with Founder Wang Wang confirmed the news.

scouring the pawnshop founder Wang Yi

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