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one, enough money. Papi sauce partner Yang Ming explained why Luo thinking when the withdrawal, said, Luo thinking in the clear new business projects’ get ‘after, has the original price from all investment projects." In the matter of how to make money, Luo thinking has made a breakthrough, little progress Papi sauce can only be "put down."".

third, the pursuit of different. Informed sources said, Papi sauce team thinking of Luo Ji do not quite agree, Luo Ji Thinking on the Papi sauce team also have their own ideas, two long ago is not too happy." Papi sauce wants to be a long-time entertainer, but Luo fat is a pure businessman. He believes that "the net red can not be long, and will reap the future once and for all"


Abstract: abandoned looks different, but after all, the capital value is expected profitability, even the limelight without the Red Net Papi sauce, two magical girl Wang Kaixin, can only go to the end with aura. Jianghu is like this, do not mind, who can make money, who is the winner.

what is the reason, leading entrepreneurs were eventually abandoned capital? NewSeed inventory this year and several new investors "breaking up" case, see what is the founder team, such as a problem, or out of eight, gas phase at


second, the pattern is different. Luo Ji thinking has been the main knowledge-based economy, profit model is to make knowledge realizable, and Papi sauce program format although innovative, but with the mind of mind, "painting style" is very different. The difference in development patterns may be one of the main reasons for their breakup.

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show affection, die fast. Papi sauce and Luo Ji Thinking vigorous and love, 7 months later, parted ways. Fortunately, there are still behind the plate of gold owners, to test the water commercial, also began to have hematopoietic function. But not all entrepreneurs are so lucky investors around Renzhang, capital chain company bankruptcy…… Is a real story every day in VC circles.

break up reason: gas field is not

in March this year, with a short video fire in a mess "Papi sauce" announced a 12 million investment, investors really fund, Luo thinking, light source capital and star map capital. In April, Luo Ji thought for Papi sauce planned an advertising auction, and finally to 22 million price transactions, known as "new media marketing history of the first big event", caused a sensation.

November 23rd, Papi sauce partner Yang Ming through WeChat circle of friends confirmed Luo Ji thinking out of investment news, Luo Zhenyu in this statement message, "rivers and lakes like this, do not mind.". There are always people willing to read jokes."

why only 7 months later, the fate of the two will be an abrupt end,

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Papi sauce: rivers and lakes are like this, don’t mind,

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