WeChat circle of friends business micro marketing or micro marketingWangzhuan projects focus on the

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I personally think, for beginners, you can choose a small project to focus on, in the process, familiar with the practice of SEO, accumulate experience. And when you have the ability to optimize a word to sh419’s top three, you can really do the project. At this point, I think decentralization is better. I’ve been emphasizing the replicability of the project. I think it’s very difficult for you to make a 10000 station a month, but it’s easy to do 20 stations that earn 500 yuan a month

can brush WeChat, earning large quantities of gold each day?"Maybe

really so beautiful through a circle of friends,

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," she said, "has done agency at the district level, earning four or five times a month."." Mu art began to be tempted, she followed the guidance of the students, tentatively to product advertising pictures sent to their circle of friends

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can really give up but they still earning large quantities of gold each day." At the age of 28, Mu Yi graduated from graduate school and worked as a civil servant in a government unit in Changchun. Earlier this year, a high school classmate who did not contact for many years contacted her and invited her to do the "micro business" with him, acting as an agent for an unknown domestic manufacturer.

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, "WeChat circle of friends how to position the pyramid like

"I don’t buy anything from WeChat," says Zhang Li, 30, who lives in Chengdu, the mother of a 2 year old boy. She told reporters, she began from pregnancy, like online for children to wash all kinds of daily necessities, is inseparable from the online shopping after 80 mom. However, in the face of this new business form, which uses WeChat’s circle of friends to recommend commodities, she has become very cautious.

circle of friends has become a business circle?

"even online shopping, also can choose large electricity supplier product quality assurance and customer service service relative conditional, or purchase from abroad by the familiar people, not easily choose the circle of friends of the business." She believes that even small businesses on Taobao, or you can choose 7 days return and the like, and once the micro business happen unhappy, the other party can easily "pull black" themselves, rights can not be mentioned.

"for nearly a year, feeling the circle of friends in the mothers do micro business in particular, goods are baby milk, diapers or women like cosmetics. Circle of friends like supermarkets, what are some products look very fake, Zhang Li felt that the circle of friends getting his useless information occupy, sometimes the seller also sending goods information, she simply put them down into the blacklist.

is so repulsive to the micro quotient that Zhang Li has her reasons. First of all, she thinks the so-called "friends" in the circle of friends are not particularly familiar, and do not know whether they are really trustworthy. Second, many brands have never been heard on the market. There are only a few pictures. I don’t know the true and false, and how about the quality?.

projects are better focused or decentralized, because we are all faced with such considerations and choices. In more popular terms, are you concentrating on a web site or spreading risk by doing more than one site?

"is a recent period of time, opening the faithful friends micro ring, WeChat full screen is to sell content". Recently, this Tucao more and more people, at the same time, a beautiful story about the WeChat business circle of friends began to spread, sitting at home will be able to send micro channel, a monthly income of tens of thousands.

, "never contacted sister, added me WeChat, and called to see me.". "The first sense is that she was involved in a pyramid scheme or started selling insurance," a netizen complained in micro-blog.

another view is that since the risk of doing a website is so great, it’s better to do more than one. The East is not bright, the west is bright, this station is not profitable, and can also rely on that station. Because we do a station at the beginning, for the site can profit is only a general forecast, as it actually can make money, how much money, only in a few months later to know. If we only make one stop, then these few months will be nothing. If there are multiple stations, at least some of the stations are profitable. So, a few months later, we pass the survival of the fittest, the non profitable stations out, and make the money to do better. It has some serious shortcomings, because the energy is very limited, if at the same time more than one station is likely to make these sites have no time to update, the ranking has not come, but wasted more money. Moreover, this will make themselves particularly tired, before success, he has collapsed.

there is a view that the website should concentrate on a station, made of a fine, because a person’s energy is limited, can make a stand is not easy, if it can do it, will cause the management not to come over, all the stations are made of garbage station. So do it, focus on it, and make it. And the development of the Internet so far, the garbage station has no survival space and profitability, and the site to make money, it is necessary to form their own brands, enhance user experience, relying on the strength of the brand. But there is a problem with this, because we cannot predict the success of a station before it succeeds. Take SEO to make money online station, perhaps you are very optimistic about a project, chose a very good keywords, and then you buy a good space, spend a lot of time every day to update content. Results six months later, spent a lot of money, but also spent a lot of time, the ranking has been able to come, the site is always out of the red, then how do you do? For instance, although you are very optimistic about a project, but when you put up after the keyword optimization, ranking, but found the root of the money not what money. That is to say, you are even in the wrong direction. Even if you optimize it again, what’s the use?

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