A software let me earn 8600 yuanDo Wangzhuan novice should understand ~ ~

Pyramid is coolies, and the top is the king. Www.b8cai


, don’t just focus on the two examples I’ve given you, just to illustrate the problem, and to know a little bit about the basics and how to analyze the problem. Learning to live, and not die

beginners always have to pay some costs, beginners should start doing coolies. But to do coolies should be purposeful, making money is not the first. Learn in coolies, grow in coolies, and do not sweat in coolies, only half tired every day, but without progress. Doing coolies isn’t for making money. You can never make big money by being a coolie!

novice taboo, and only slowly.

the advertising effect is more obvious, within a week, I have more than 200 sales in the period, I put 500 yuan in advertising, the whole good, about 20 days to bring me a more than 300 sales, removing advertising and some overhead, netted more than 8600 yuan.

reads, dies, reads, reads, reads, dies, is better than does not read the book, must use the brains to think!


headworker rule, labor who rule the people.

since the beginning of what I have no money, cut the figure, upload to paipai online, write some simple instructions after the release to the group, I group more, so, a circle of hair down, sold ten copies, I set the price is 20 yuan a then, in some network owners forum released ads, not long for someone to consult, spent 2 hours, sold 32 copies, in which the sale of 26 of the price of 20 yuan, 4 yuan price of 10, 2 fifteen yuan, sold a total of 590 yuan, I know. In this range, has not much difference, then I spent 400 yuan to do advertising, shlf1314 done in 200 yuan, Ali mother also spent 200 yuan to click on ads, some friends said, why not buy regular advertising? 1, the general price for the cheap, different classification No. There are 2 benefits, click on the ads, I can choose what type of website promotion in general, for me this is useful for software owners only, so I in the mom when you choose keywords: website, webmaster, Wangzhuan, virtual host, website space, push. But mom application encountered a little accident, no matter how is my application, he is not willing to give me the final, he refused, I began to apply, he spent more time than me, I only need to log in, click Modify, and then determine it, very simple. Finally, I was moved by "sincerity and perseverance". See: after everyone is also, not apply, will have to apply for more than a few times, there will be a successful time, before I applied for GG ad also used!

one day, a group of a friend in the sale of a group hang software, the price is 20 yuan, I look good, I have seen a bargain 5 yuan to buy down, get the software, I tested, very complete, good results, but the time is very check during the Olympic Games Yan, there is no suitable space to do SP business, so I have to sell the idea, thought of here, so I started planning. many webmaster sometimes encounter such an idea, will pay and action, so as to have the opportunity to succeed, action may not succeed, but do not act will not succeed

of course, if you have the power of understanding, you can come quickly, and see if you can realize it. Others say the blade sharp, you can think of the blunt? Blade can cut people, the same can hit people. This is understanding. Take one instead of three, touch the class and bypass it. Experience it yourself.


Wangzhuan the truth is actually very simple, for a long time as we all know, but in the hands of each of them is different. Similarly, the use of different, its work wrong. Other people’s methods can be copied, but other people’s minds can not be copied. Only when you create your own mind can you make progress.



don’t come first on what LEAD, SALE, CJ, investment, dividend what, did not understand the basic problem, how can the top Yangaoshoudi, this is

in general, I write the purpose of this article is not to show off, but to tell people how to think about the problem, each encounter things, we should think of how to realize his potential, how to let him have the value, only know how to think to make money. This software, I’m also free now

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