Ali out of the entrepreneur do not wipe Ali flavorM announced SP examination results of exposure o

, vice president of human resources at Alibaba group, Chang Yang, in Ali’s flower named Liu Yong, he told this reporter that, in Alibaba, he heard most of a word called "taste."".

this dare to criticize and accept the criticism of the culture, not only in Ma’s body, but also reflected in the daily product discussion. Liu Yong said that the earliest Alibaba is simpler, there are new products on the line, the intranet BBS began to curse, saying that this point is not reliable, that point is not reliable.

a turnover from Ali entrepreneurs on the "First Financial Daily" said that Ali out entrepreneurs have more adaptability and flexibility, while sh419 and Tencent employees, more accustomed to rely on platform, not to venture out of the larger.

Alibaba set up a special post called "smell officer"". Smell officers are usually served by Alibaba’s old employees, and usually in a few words of chitchat, they learn what a candidate’s dream is.

, Alibaba’s intranet, also known as "Ali flavor."". Ali taste, is a place to produce a variety of God post, but also Alibaba board chairman Ma Yun often stroll around the place. Ma Yun often post here, and Ma Yun posts under the common to many employees to Ma Yun points, have accused him of punctuation errors, don’t agree with him, have a direct say "foreplay is too long, hurry into the theme". Liu Yong said, this is Ali’s a direct, open odor. And Tencent intranet posts, rarely see employees dare to give Ma Huateng points.

MII yesterday released the second period on the test fee business of SP company bulletin, reiterating to increase supervision of SP enterprises outside Russia, also released 19 of the existence of irregularities SP new enterprises. Beijing Sina, Chongqing is on the list.

It is reported that

in the published illegal SP enterprises, Inc. PConline see Network Limited, because through the Internet to provide complete business ringtones unspecified charges, was designated as the three types of violations, after deducting credit score 45 points; and through China Unicom access century dragon information network limited liability company due to "false propaganda" by the Internet is a "business line, deduct 30% of the cost of the information" punishment; Sina were also due to "the voice prompt in did not inform the charging starting point" and "user name and business operators that record the name does not match the" being "business shield, deduct 10% of the cost of the information" and "deadline rectification".

6 years, Wang Hao completed the venture away from Ali, and return to the reincarnation of ali.

At the time of recruitment,

"Ali smells"

Wang Hao joined Ali from 2003 and is the top 800 employee of Alibaba. In Ali, the number of workers in the top 1000, are called Ali’s god.

, in fact, is a spirit of courage to express personal views, which has stabilized Ma Yun’s divine symbol within ali. Though, Ali >

quit from Ali to entrepreneurship, Wang Hao is only one of them. Over the past few years, from Ali venture away a lot of people, such as the original investment now do word-of-mouth network founder Li Zhiguo, mogujie June, Ma Bole Jiang Haibing, Feng Dahui CTO, chief of the original pay our product designer white crow.

Wang Hao believes that music sharing sites are a bigger opportunity. And at the time, music belonged to the fringe business in ali. 2007, Wang Hao from Ali, founder of shrimp network. Among the 5 founders of the shrimps, 4 came from Ali, a team that literally ran away from ali. In early 2013, Wang Hao chose to accept the investment way to return to Ali’s embrace, became Ali after the division of the 25 division in the music division.

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