Some ideas about buying links

recently asked if I had bought a link on which PR high web site,


no, oh. They are people who come to me to make links. I check the website of the other party. I can do it. I can’t do it. Just do the inside page. That’s the way it is..

I personally feel, buy links can indeed improve GG rankings in a short time, but it is also a great risk, because now GG buy links in combat, it also shows that the GG ranking with links is very relevant, but Baidu did not like GG against the purchase link, from which I feel can see, Baidu at a station is good or not, do not see links, pay more attention to the original, but also cannot say Never mind with links, GG is relatively not so important. Some commercial websites, like some network game releases or some IDC sites, many of which are a lot of buying links, we can also see quite a lot of the purchases in each big Adsense BBS, if you are doing business websites can also choose to buy, to improve their ranking, which cost more than the bid to, if you have to entertain a station, then There is no need to buy links, also want to pay attention to, don’t buy too much, the website ranking rose too fast, it will cause the attention of the engine, would be in danger, so buy links also 3 days to buy a two or so, let the ranking climb slowly, until you get to the top think of the position of almost.

buy links to note that he is not JS or other code to call the link, if the link is so meaningful, it is best to add direct links, so the spider climb comfortable, also will climb to your site to go. In short, the purchase link has its advantages and disadvantages, we do have a little. It is usually not to offend too many people, so people to GG a complaint, let GG to review, it was unhappy. Usually friendly, low-key do stand, do stand, so as to be in smooth water!


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