Rookie standing online 10 days since the experience

first, I also students master one, I majored in mechanical, do stand is purely because of interest, raise a website as a pet, in fact, usually very love playing games to develop hey · · pull away, cut into the


I do is an entertainment station: Qian seems to have odd entertainment mainstream local industry stand now but I usually draw further apart, love some network anecdotes, and then do the entertainment news station. At first I didn’t understand anything, then I knew there was a A5 webmaster net, so I began to watch the soft language continuously and continued diving. It was just in time for the winter vacation, so I had more time to do this website. Later understood CMS, understood the space and the domain name is how one and the same. · · · · then embarked on the hardships of the station, the road of no return. (omit 50000 words here)

finally! After the filing of the more than 10 day, my domain name record success!! in March 23, 2010, officially launched the website! As can be imagined to be scanty, not on the 2 digits, then I want to ~ ~ ~, in Baidu Post Bar in post drainage. Say dry, respectively, in the 2 super hot bar posted two articles, connected to the content page of their station. Surprisingly, the administrator did not delete my stickers, and that night I was instantly brought more than 300 of IP! It’s NB. Second days, less traffic. Fourth days, that is, today. The return flow in situ dozens of IP only, then I think, can not simply rely on the promotion bring you flow, increase Baidu included is king! So I think in the next time, just do the update, update a day 7· 8 hot news update him for two or three months.

yes, we have to tell you, soso question and answer, send a connection is relatively easy, I know the connection in Baidu, sent a few were deleted several · very tragic.

well, that’s all for today. Writing is really bad at the beginning. The composition of high school and middle school has always stayed in this grade. · can only be gradually honed.

posted on my station: Qian Qi entertainment network

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