The ideals and realities of community operations

from the recruitment heat point of view, the community has become the mainstream of the current recognized means of operation, Lian Xiaobo teachers are talking about the community’s operating experience. The rise of the process and entrepreneurial atmosphere, the fiery relationship between the new media is great, start-up companies will introduce more ideas into the community, such as cold start, MVP, community electricity providers, community realized.

from a business standpoint, there is nothing wrong, but often because of focusing only the target, while ignoring the community social interest, that comes with the product attributes, a solid to not because of your "noble" to any change. It has created a gap between the ideal and the reality.

says, do it, build a few


has no budget now. First build a few groups and target users, so that the product will have the first users.

construction management management group, the group every day some recommendation, selling more goods, so, the first 500 thousand goal this month.

well, yes, the community has become one of the company’s core operations.


community shares the basic point of making the product:

What value does

1 and my community bring to target users;

2 can continue to bring value;

3, how can you do the above two points?.

, second, is how to achieve the goal of creating the default value for the target user.

then, community promotion as product promotion, community based on the value of their own, to get a user, or based on the community ecological characteristics, promote the use of skills and strong driving rules.

, when we were in the tech community, our goal was to get early users and translate into products. If I pull a wave of users, tell him that the product is very useful, to experience the product, think of a group of cattle will be forced to the world can not do the technology sprayed face.

then back to the basic point, our product is to solve the technical Q & A, this user needs are verified, and sustainable, then the community’s main point around this point to do.

and then how do you get these technologies willing to come to a new community when the random search groups are "advanced" technology groups? On the one hand, the introduction of new technology concepts (user characteristics: technology absorption), on the other hand, in community rules, we can guarantee that the question and answer efficiency is higher than other communities.

the diversity of the community is refined, but in essence it is very similar to other technological communities. Of course, to the user’s commitment to differentiation, value to meet satisfaction.

so first of all, it’s not about what you want users to do for you in the community, but how you can make users happy with the simplest possible reasons

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