How to put you with hostility and powerful local station

you have a good understanding of some local forums, such as the fish community and the Hefei forum, because they have really succeeded and become the target of many people to follow and learn. If you want to set up a local station, then stress is to look before you leap. Many people did not actually go to the investigation and comprehensive analysis had put up the forum, hey! Found themselves in the air flow, the amount of information is not, users naturally will not have too much to stay. That should persuade those to do the stationmaster of local station, more from oneself local Internet develops level to analyse the following problem:

1. how many network companies do you have in your area? What business are you in


2., the number of people, the Internet penetration rate is high,

What are the opponents of

3. and their planned web site? Who are they,


4., if you go to competition, how much market space can develop


5. own its business model easily copied


6. did you investigate the local demand for the Internet,


thought so much for the moment. In fact, I do not quite understand, I am also a rookie, ha ha.. I like to do local stations. (West Lake man: my station is still prowling. Hope that there are experts can learn from each other.. You can join local forum webmaster QQ group: 30068240

I’m from West Lake! Thank you!


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