From a rookie do stand to do site optimization experience

this year with friends in a mall network (, two people in two months with vigour and vitality, our great China business network mall was born. The art designer is imitative and the program does it by itself. We’re both hopeful about the new site.

, but in fact, it’s not ideal. Running for two months, IP is only a few per day, and even more ridiculous is that more than half of these IP are our own. And some IP I introduced to my friends. That is to say, our website basically has no person to visit.

go on like this, do is also white, and later I and friends decided to use SEO optimization to improve our flow. Before I also done in several large web site administrator, SEO also know, but not very familiar, because a few large sites with this does not need SEO optimization, ranking will be very near.

, we’ve set three priorities,

1. to Wangzhuan forum posting


2. adds links

3. collection of more articles

because usually busy, the above three points, a month down just do some, BBS advertising area posted only a dozen, friendship links did not do, but fortunately, the article collected more than 10000. But rarely to Baidu included, this I also understand, because listen to people say, Baidu likes originality.

but even with this effort, our website’s IP has improved. One month down, IP promotion to more than 40, the network mall keywords ranking is 198, Baidu every day included, this has made us very touched.

next, make persistent efforts, continue to work hard for a month, IP continues to rise, the network shopping keywords ranking is also on the rise. Up to 140, but Baidu has been included in the collection on the 500 page, which makes me very intelligent. Is it true that Baidu doesn’t really collect what it collects?

is worth mentioning is that when our website PR is already 1, before has not done Links because our PR is too low, no one is willing to exchange with us, is now 1, people began to like to change, I go for more than 30, second day, it makes me be startled at, I think the ranking will be more by name, did not expect the website snapshot back to block a month ago, ranking also fell.

Have heard of

before, Links one can only increase only two or three, if an increase too much, will give Baidu K off, I do the website that comes to an end? I check a lot of information, but no final answer, because the answer is too much, also do not know is correct, some say K, some say is the Baidu algorithm change. But no matter what kind of answer, see, let’s continue our efforts and continue

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