Website learning always pay attention to search index

search index is used to reflect a certain keyword in the past a certain period of time, network exposure and user attention data. These data are based on the majority of Internet users to search the number of keywords to statistics. The image of the response, keywords, changes in a certain period of time. In simple terms, the search index reflects the amount of search for a keyword in a given period of time. Search in the network changes every day, plus random search, which reflects not only the user’s attention, but also the attention of the media. The Internet search index to dig out the most popular, the most valuable, the most popular news and information, comprehensively and objectively reflects the social hot spot and on the Internet, Internet users’ interests and needs, and to the industry and development trend.


search index has a lot of uses. More and more users urgently need to find and mine valuable knowledge from vast amounts of information. Index nets make the process simple and dependent. For Internet users, the webmaster has many aspects of help. Concerned about the Baidu index, Internet users can understand what recent hot events most concern, which events on the Internet hype, which characters become the focus of attention. What information may be the focus of attention?. And to stationmaster, search index is very important also, use is very extensive also. One of the main functions of search index is to play the role of SEO optimization. For SEO workers and webmasters, search index is a commonly used data. It’s a good keyword tool. By paying attention to analyzing the changing trend of search index in different time periods, we can find out what keywords are popular or what will become popular keywords. What keywords can be used to increase website traffic, and which ones cannot be used?. For example, a keyword in user attention and media attention, there are high rankings, indicating that keyword competition, will do very well. At the same time, we can get a more accurate search index by comparing the indexes obtained by different search engines. Always pay attention to search index, and SEO for the analysis results, will bring more traffic to the site.

, in addition to SEO, search index another important role should be soft drawn material. May be a lot of webmaster will feel strange, why search index and soft Wen pull relation, we all know soft text difficult to write, write well, can effectively promote the site, write bad, may affect website reputation. Now the Internet users for soft Wen identification ability is also very high. Therefore, the soft text should be integrated into the news elements, combined with hot events to write. Only in this way, soft text to attract Internet users eyeball. Pay close attention to the search index ranking, will understand what recent news events by the high degree of concern, what characters of web search was the highest, then write text according to hot news, a reader can understand not only the hot news events, and the subtle will promote information give readers.

search index is generally provided by search engines relying on their own web search and news search data. Such as the Baidu index (http://s.ind>

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