How do corporate websites deal with Baidu’s 6 28 major updates

6.28 update on the face of Baidu sites included the number of sites and reduce the error of output data many webmaster friends are very worried, do not know how to deal with this change, how to maintain stability in the storm of ranking website


, keep calm,

as a web site management personnel, and every day in the search engines deal with search engine, which has been known for a part of our life and work, in the face of this virtual changing things, we are looking for the law, and to grasp the law, in this process, inevitably the search engine will be fluctuations, at this time we must keep calm, maintain a calm state of mind, to analyze his change to find ways to deal with the serious, for Baidu’s unstable updates and changes we also need to keep calm (although this will inevitably affect us, ha ha).

two, grasp the development of search engines and direction

in terms of search engines, his survival and development have their own laws, as long as we can find this rule, in the same way, with the development of its law, to adjust our corporate website. Baidu’s volatile fluctuations will never deviate from its core development, I personally think that is the customer experience, grasp this point, do a good job in the timely adjustment of the site in order to improvise.

three, adhere to the website updates and other routine work,

algorithm for this deal with Baidu’s adjustment, a lot of people wanting to know how to deal with, to ensure continuous update of the content of the website and the chain of the maintenance of these daily work, in order to change the status quo, no matter how Baidu is, as the development of the search engine cannot do without us these sites support and the head of the continuous efforts, survival of the business website is built on "content is king, the chain for the emperor of the golden rule", so we do not need to ensure that our daily work, at the same time changes to Baidu timely attention, ranking the throne to sit tight.

with the development of enterprise website, our webmaster team is constantly expanding, to adapt to the search engine changes and timely change strategy has become our focus, we also keep the above content by straw, aerated concrete equipment station ( is summarized, please cherish the fruits of labor of others, please indicate the source

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