Discussion on the feasibility of student station construction

now on the Internet, the webmaster’s forces are growing, and personal Adsense is more and more. However, here the individual owners are mostly part-time, their main job is what has all sorts of strange things. Let’s talk about the same group as I am today — student leader.


technology is developed, we only need to know how to use FTP, domain name resolution, specific code can simply set up a personal website, not to mention to learn what SQL, ASP, PHP database and so on, even the most simple HTML and CSS can not understand…… This also sets up a great barrier for student groups, thus increasing the number of student leaders……

Most of the

student website has a distinct feature: that is, during the completion of their studies part-time webmaster (nonsense), many of the students are in their own interest or to make myself get some extra pocket money, and "part-time" with a student standing long. Because the identity of the students (except do not want to read) determines the students do not have enough time for their own development, maintenance, management of bay promotion, which is decided by the website traffic and income are not good! So, as a student, head of the US, do not want a breathtaking flow and PR. But this time, the battle may have a qualitative improvement on the development of our future as well as the ability of students, and if he is working in the industry, but also for their own in the industry and lay a solid network of relationships, work and future development are great for student station also! On certain aspects of the professional knowledge is good (such as two to studio, on my computer technology professional knowledge), perhaps to the students may be a valuable asset.

everything looks pretty good on it. However, there are several bad aspects of students. Admittedly, now the site is very simple, simple minded people can learn to build a successful primary site, but often because of this characteristic, let many webmaster entry just deeply by rules fun and obsession, have for the site under the management of enough energy, which makes you learn there is no guarantee of quality. Of course, some parts of the genius are excluded, but we are not sure that we are each a genius…… If you are not a genius, you still have to focus on your own learning, instant web site gives you more sense of achievement and satisfaction, but also to know that learning is the most important. Otherwise, the website may decline with your academic performance, and don’t let it become a "addictive game"".

              learning groups have a stable source of income, but the website needs financial support! Maybe many students like me, in order to get rid of the station, before spending habits, trying to save.

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