A brief introduction to soft writing

although I am not good at writing soft text, but I see much, realize the writing doorway, and also very willing to take out and share with friends in this area needs. About website promotion soft Wen role, everybody knows, I also don’t say much here. I want to say, is how to write a good article? Because many webmaster, want to write some soft Wen to promote their own websites, but don’t know where to start, or write a little spectator reaction was unable to achieve the purpose of promotion.

one, to establish a sensational Title

careful friends may find that, whether in the webmaster nets, Adsense stand or three of my net, those with a title of the article is far more than the average article title can obtain higher click rate, which is often referred to the economics of eyeball economy, popular point, and this dress in women are more attractive to the man with the eyes of different approaches but equally satisfactory results. You can make a judgment, in order to promote if I need to write a soft Wen, is the title of the article will be written as "I am attracted to people how within a week will be three net do 3000IP", or "today three net flows to 3000IP" to attract people.

two, write valuable content to visitors

if you have a sensational title for the article, your writing does nothing to the viewer. In addition to wasting everyone’s time and being scolded, your original goal of publicity will not be realized. Before you write the soft text, you must think about what you can do for the visitor. What else is valuable information? Otherwise, simply don’t write. I have a deep understanding of it. Wrote a "copyright front in front of me, the toll station and the station faces lots of free", although the propaganda into eight degree stationmaster net ad, however, because it is my three year movie station realize what is summed up I communicate with other owners of the experience, so. It is to do connection webmaster has very good guidance and copyright, the article is issued, there are 20 owners directly consult my QQ.

three, the article is controlled within 1000 words,

do not have the patience to see nagging you said forever, so write text must be short, like a lady’s skirt, the shorter and more popular. I suggest that you write the article to control within 1000 words, as far as possible so that visitors can read within three minutes.

four, ad cleverly integrated into the article,

soft Wen and pure advertising article the biggest difference is whether to ad cleverly into the article. Casually write an article, hang in the end of a connection, or rigidly inserted their own content part of the site, can only be called pure advertising articles, not soft text. So, what will be among the clever ad in? Such as "happy net influence work efficiency by enterprises, through the ban" litotes, not only attracted everyone to see what the local influence the efficiency of enterprises.

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