Baidu snapshot 24 hours update experience sharing

I do

station for many years, the first time to make a site: within 24 hours after that Baidu updated snapshot and the title of the website so used to share with everyone, the wise, because I was the rookie webmaster, so I was not good for SEO conclusion. The site is a few months ago in the A5 Valley excellent match and the purchase of the domain name, buy no good to do what, just add the historical data, although this did not exhaust the name, but I am busy didn’t do SEO did not go to the promotion of the station, everything is nature contains natural promotion, never send the chain like, is well placed there.

gradually I found love on this site, Baidu snapshot, is within 24 hours, for example today is 28, a snapshot at number 27, and each update snapshot will update my homepage title, because often when I change the title in the game, a second degree program is updated. Although the main keywords no row on the first page, but this rate makes me to the stand of the future is full of a hope! So I personally think that the snapshot update does not necessarily require the original content, but your website value


offers content though is the past happened, but also some of the more important things, so Baidu has been here to record events, such as the death of Michael Jackson, now one day Baidu search Michael Jackson reached 37W, after a year to only 3700 years later may be 0, but this thing really happened, so Baidu crawler recorded the event


so I want to say is the value of a website, his value reflected in whether the content is your love, or love others, or have love, or love of the future will be, although want to know the history of this number is not much, but there are certain groups to let Baidu love your website, to let yourself love your website, I will look for a day after the acquisition, because I really love to see


value is low, may succeed in evade the crucial point, a specific field! In fact do stand only focus on doing, experience life in subway station


my point of view:

, over the past 4 months, I’ve been waiting for updates around 12:30 every day – – that’s sticking to

services, a community of specific fields, groups that are infected and extended, time can prove everything – that’s the focus of

The content provided by

may not be up to date, but it’s the essence of it — that’s the value of

summed up the 3 points, in hopes of some often complain that no search subject high can do, even if only search keywords amount is about 1000, you can do it, insist on will let you succeed in that field! Finally recommend some small and fine.

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