Write to new people some small suggestions new station need not contend for the first

in recent years, SEO is very popular, many friends are learning, today, simply to everyone to say some of their views,

, if your site is not industry site, you don’t have to compete with others for the first position, take a very simple example.

I have a small

(www.usfzl.com) is the mainstream, but I do not have the key non mainstream, to find some of the more cold keywords to do, if you think there is more than one keyword in the front row, if a keyword can bring you 200 IP, if you have 10 the 20 or so the key row in front of the word

what effect?

is a new station, no need to have strength and others for the first position, if you do this first effort to do other words, you will find that it is more useful than do the first, will learn more things will get more things.

new station on the line, the choice of keywords is very important, friends of the station (www.e7458.com.cn) when the primary keyword is the TV series, check Baidu index also shows that there are about 5000, but now do third, daily traffic but also about 2000. Now want to give up to do this keyword, and loathe to give up, because it is difficult to do third, if you do not give up, and can not find a better development, encountered a bottleneck. This is the original keyword did not choose the reason.

himself was a rookie, is constantly learning the successful experience of others, but now many people do not want to own real experience to say, of course I don’t blame them, because of the same trade more, the industry will do bad.

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