The essence of home administrator site feel and share experience

The first

statement I non computer technical personnel, establishment of a personal hobby, so this method is not good, for the layman, station, first is to choose their own site similar site to see after the acquisition, prominent local to his site, such as the Shi Wen chapter can begin, there are some small style, layout, color. This is the beginning of imitation, should do,

second, when you look at the content of the general access to the source, attributed to there, where it can generally be the starting point for your website publicity, blog can first go to the blog collection area publicity, it is best to add links,

forums can work with big forums to promote them and push them out. In time to the forum to collect good resources. You can also recommend big sites to work together.

, if the newbie is now in the station, you can go to my website to learn I can learn the process of building a site. To develop


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