What type of web games should SNS sites access

with the success of Kaixin and Kang UCHOME release, more and more individual webmaster to join the ranks of the SNS site. According to Kang Sheng statistics, so far, through the establishment of UCHOME SNS site has reached 11. Everyone knows that the reason why it is so hot is because of the success of Kaixin network. But the success of happy net and in its social gaming success, success is also friends sale, parking dispute SNS game etc.. So SNS entertainment, making SNS and web game combination is also very natural. On the one hand, through web games, rich user entertainment needs, improve user stickiness; on the other hand, it also provides a good profit channel for the vast number of SNS. But SNS has its own characteristics, and also has special requirements in accessing web games.

The purpose of

SNS is to make people make friends via the Internet, so making friends is the ultimate function of SNS. This requires SNS to provide web games, such as a strong interactive, through the game to achieve good interaction between friends. Near some of the most popular webgame games, such as parking dispute, the slave trade, happy farm, underscore the interaction, take for parking spaces, parking is parked in the parking spaces (friends can understand the way friends, such as dynamic data recently, and promote understanding more friends from), and friends can also to stop in their parking spaces on the car stickers, stickers, so each other through parking to the mutual understanding and communication. In addition to this, SNS tend to play some small fun, interactive web game, which is why farmers "happy farm, happy game is very popular, and the application of three blood plug-in installed capacity of less reason. Finally, the game chosen by SNS should be a popular game, that is, both men and women, both young and old, like games, and the popularity of small game centers means that popular games are still the most popular.

, so SNS can choose some of the joint operation platform leisure entertainment web games to join, such as playing League card game, YES playing Texas brand. All kinds of joint operation platform should also increase the number of leisure and entertainment web games, has to meet the needs of SNS class site.

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