The fan of Taobao’s business is the right thing to win small businesses




‘s brutal growth and growth, Taobao is now trying to do business in a literary and artistic way.

just a week or so before the start of double eleven, before the storm, everything seemed calm and peaceful, so few people noticed the Taobao U station quietly online.

at U station, Taobao canceled the previous messy and excessive information rich, it is replaced by the way similar to the Pinterest images, in the life, diary, wedding products and other station, all goods according to the user’s interest, as well as the use of similar theme classification.

essentially, U station is a similar beauty and shopping — of course platform will also help them caused no small impact and influence, its purpose is to provide the same one can jump to the Taobao shop link for users. The content on the small station does not have much to do with Taobao, and Taobao users do not have much to do with, they are made by third parties, these are only an entrance. If we carefully analyze these small station creators, we will find that they are on Taobao, through the provision of goods, discounts and other means to attract customers, and thus to share with businesses.


has a "station" of the same name, and watercress, all other sites, to share, love, and actually did highlight Taobao users of social networking, but these are not enough to arouse our curiosity to it.

in fact, U station is not Taobao simple transformation style, and thus to attract traffic revision means only, in our opinion, its launch for Taobao, has more important significance.

in the double eleven began less than a week before the time, Taobao proposed for small and medium businesses "small and beautiful" slogan, is to achieve accurate guide flow, the former can make in this big platform Taobao won more lucrative — or at least not inferior to before or rival returns.

"small and beautiful", "U" station, and these will be linked together, we will find that Taobao recently is accelerating the pace of rearranging their small and medium-sized businesses in the strategy and ideas.

double eleven this year has been completely Taobao’s one-man show, creating a record breaking 19 billion 100 million yuan of total transactions, compared to, including Jingdong, Amazon and other electricity supplier momentum is much smaller.

iResearch survey data released by the third quarter of this year, occupies more than 94.5% of the domestic C2C market share, Tmall will occupy the domestic B2C market share of 54.6%, there is no doubt that Taobao has become the dominant domestic electricity supplier worthy of the name.



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