The idea and method of a website planning

with the current revolution in the network, more and more people want to be their own webmaster, but do something specific and do not know, this article is to help you solve this problem. Of course, this is not all of my original, is to your successful webmaster predecessors to learn, part of the essence of content, I feel very effective, so the original share to everyone, hope to all of us useful!


marketing is the most important part of website marketing, but it is only part of the market operation, so for marketing, the platform is the foundation, and the content is the key. So before the promotion, we must first site construction, content strong. Especially for new sites, the early planning is very important! First, some ideas about planning. I also learn to come here, now, through the above theory, we may feel is not intuitive, is too abstract, process planning following me through my personal website "M.E. city", to analyze how I use.

1, the purpose of doing web work. I actually do the "M.E. city" for a purpose, by now the powerful function of SNS to know more marketing elite friends, expand their communication, because the market is the key contacts, this I have the experience deeply! And do one of this website is not input, is a domain name space and money. Earn no money does not matter, the key is to know more like-minded friends, and share with you, grow together.

2, determine the general direction. I went to school to study marketing and economic management, and since then I have been doing market related work. Therefore, the direction of the website is defined as the marketing Station, which serves the marketing people.

3, data analysis. When I was in M.E. City, I did some research, but I didn’t do it very carefully, because after all, it was out of interest. I simply analyzed as follows:

China marketing communications network: ALEXA ranked 44132. This is a veteran of the marketing website, very high visibility, by EMKT Consulting Co. Ltd. operating enterprises in Shenzhen City, is the earliest one of the marketing industry website, content is very rich and practical. It is a veteran website, the first to industry information based, industry articles, cases, resource sharing based, accumulated considerable popularity, it is worth learning and recommend


first marketing network: ALEXA ranked 82613. "Sales and marketing" is the official website of the inside of the content for the sales and marketing of the articles and columns by veteran feeds, is industry public opinion guide. Recently, the revised edition added the sharing of users and forums, but in general, this site is more to look at some market analysis and forecast, the content is definitely the first.

As for the other

Chinese management network, the management of communication network, the world managers are focused on a leader or a certain level is the exchange of personnel is not in conformity with what I do "mass marketing" crowd, so I didn’t do too much analysis, and whether these sites.

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