The benefits of station links and the SEO optimization strategy

Wuhan SEO blog mix boy restored a little weight yesterday, and then in the evening when the keyword "SEO" in Wuhan rose to third, but today see, ranking dropped to second pages, but this is always a good thing, the weight of at least also recovered a bit, if not believe what the problem is then, the weight of the overall recovery is not difficult, at this time also thanks to some friends to always pay attention to my site, where the way ahead for a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday to. Wish you always happy, always lucky, safe and sound all year round match, annual health, family reunion!

website optimization friends are confined to the chain, stop the chain, I remember my QQ group there are many friends hate all day long in the chain to see who the hair, where the chain effect is good, anyway, about the link, I didn’t see a man said the station links, external links are to say, here I want to say, if only relying on external links the site optimization ranking, who can do, because the chain work everyone can do work, no one knows the truth, people will do the chain one hour a day to do the chain, I spend 2 hours a day can always go, pull so much, just want to tell some new friends, it is very important in optimizing the internal links in the SEO website, because this often involves the above structure optimization and anchor text optimization And so on.

1. The benefits of link optimization in station

1, improve page spider crawling rate: as we all know the spider web crawling into breadth first and depth first, no matter what kind of way is dependent on the reasonable layout of internal links, so this is a role you should read more clearly, only to improve the spider crawling the page rate is high, in order to ensure you can better global spider girl


2, improve the site included the number: in fact, this is just above the first supplement, after increasing the page spider crawling rate, as long as the content is OK, good quality, so it will be included in your site, you included the number of naturally improved kazakhstan.

3, ascension website weight: in fact, search engines on the weight of each web page to roughly as high, especially Google, give the weight of each page is the same, but each page can give other page weight, we hard every day to do the chain, is to leave our link in the same web page on this page, let the weights to us, our website is the same internal web pages can give below the same website bring different web page weight, so this station link can transfer the weight, improve the keywords ranking, the weight of the entire site to bring an overall increase.

4, improve the user experience: for example is very simple, the user enters the site sometimes browsing a website with the following different types of content, this time he will often think of navigation or classification, these things are Sitelinks, now the search engine to >

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