Web site outside the chain and content who is more important

what is important content of the website, or the website of the chain is very important, this is a topic of debate, why will cause controversy, there are two reasons, first, no definite conclusion tells us that in the end who is the focus of the second, which in itself is a no answer to the debate. Web site needs content, but also the need for the chain, the content is for the user to see, but also to the search engine to see, but the chain is basically for the search engine and construction. The chain represents the authority of the site, the more the chain, on behalf of the site’s higher degree of recognition, the more content, the more attractive to users.

we can not simply say who is more important, but should say that the chain and content are part of the optimization of the site, are equally important. A website can not lose, can not lose the link, the Internet itself is composed of a link, no links there is no Internet domain name itself is a link, I think this sentence is very good, in other words, no link to the Internet would not exist, the Internet is the first link by the the second is the content. The user needs to see the site’s content, is not an empty link to the user, the link is just a virtual thing, browsing a website, need to see the useful information, this is the biggest user demand.

from now on, don’t argue over who is more important, seriously do the content, the chain to do a website, who is more important is not important, you need to do is to share more and more high-quality content to the user, the chain more quality to the search engines to see. In different stages of web development, I suggest you treat content and the chain there is a certain difference. The early establishment of the site, to get the quality of the link is not possible, a new website, no weight, no traffic, no visibility, fool do link, and you at this time, only through the third party website for links to the inside pages, this is the only way. Unless you go to buy links, and a new webmaster, even space can not afford to buy, where the money to buy links?.

Although the new

website not to link, but not equal to do good website ranking, since has been missing in the chain, we can make up for the more rich content, the content to do better, also can put the website ranking well, the weight site slowly after the upgrade, you can exchange for more quality link. With the popularity of the website, some people will automatically link to you. In fact, this is the next two ways to do web work. One is the hands of the owners of resources, they can get a lot of early links, mainly outside the chain based, supplemented by content, ranking is relatively time-saving and labor-saving. And another kind of stationmaster is the person that does not have network resource, can do website only by the way with content as the main part.

two ways to compare, through the chain to do the advantage of ranking is, can improve website rankings in the short term, the drawback is that the content is missing, can not retain users. When a person comes to the website and finds nothing, the chain will be lost

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