The night dream cold work day will do the ordinary webmaster

regular webmaster daily work:

station is undoubtedly a very hard occupation, if it is a part-time webmaster, it would be hard to do, because a station work every day is too much, just like me, since the flower dream female network ( after all, feel the time is not enough, can not wait to 24 hours a day extended to 48 hours a day. "Do so tired? I do not think?" if you see here to ask such a phrase, then you must be one of the following two types: one is the demon class webmaster, technology, talent, diligence, experience in one of the business, and even a few dozen sites in the elite this is the webmaster webmaster, certainly will not feel tired; two is the new new webmaster have birds, do not know what should be done to work every day, so do not feel tired.

, take a look at what a regular webmaster has to do every day:

, update the website:

webmaster daily work, update the site is the most important one, only continuous updates can attract spiders continue to come. Update the number of posts according to their ability, it is said that one day updates a can also, update one hundred can also, the key is to have a regular, high and low, or less, will be punished by search engines. Post YISHION original quality is highest, false original times. Collection method is mainly used for filling the content of the initial stage of the station, perfect site into orbit, it should stop collection, write more original, so help improve the weight of the website. (it takes me at least three hours.)

two, hair chain:


is the hair of the chain is the best Post Bar, found it, say, come, Baidu Post Bar basically not to consider, it is easy to be titles, it is just a few other hair of the chain, and weight is very high. I also found a rule, each time to search it, send a soft Wen, Teng Xun search will come to my station, included some articles, do not send, long time will not come. Sogou is the same, very interesting, ha ha. Because I’m too lazy, long time not to send an outside chain, so search and Sogou included has been very little. Hey, do webmaster, people lazy, but not oh. The number of the chain should also be regular, continuous increase, twenty or thirty per day can be added. (this one takes an hour.)

three, search for friends chain:

now do exchange chain got to find objects like, pay attention to "match", that is, PR is quite high, the content included. In this way, it is difficult to exchange links, find PR high included more people, not willing to find PR low included less, and not willing to. So I have time to add some Links group, multiple exchange links several posts, register several link exchange platform, in order to increase the possibility of "equal" to find the link type. (this one will have one hour, the key is to find suitable too, it can not find it, had to.

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