How to do the analysis of daily network promotion effect

how to do the daily network promotion effect analysis,


we do network promotion personnel, need to analyze the daily network promotion effect, including every day to their own doing, record, summary, statistics. Finally, an analysis report is formed to reflect the effectiveness of the daily network promotion. And according to this form a management system. This will make it easier for us to schedule our work. It is also convenient to detect problems and correct them in time. How do you record, summarize, and statistics? How do you make the analysis report easier for the enterprise or the management? How to do well the analysis of the daily network promotion effect? The following will be explained.

1. Daily records, summary, statistical arrangement:

Promotion and maintenance of

1. station

1.1 web site update content, title, want to optimize what keywords, release date need to record, form table form. For big news, original, high, special editor content needs to be marked,

1.2 builds up the information base in the station: the content that releases to the website is classified, had better cent is bit more. For example, the enterprise website to frequently update the release is nothing more than Corporate Events (such as leadership, customer visits, public service activities, advertising information (company) to participate in the exhibition, interview etc.) product related information (such as industry information, technical documents, engineering applications, performance etc.), keep the original papers and pictures. The benefits of this can prevent online connections and pictures from failing. It also provides a wealth of information resources for future brand promotion activities.

1.3 station friendship connection, regular statistics, check its effectiveness. Some companies are strict with them. For example, the industry PR, snapshot, weight, ranking and other requirements consistent.

1.4, do a good job site statistics, general website background comes with some simple statistical tools. But we have to have more than one station analysis tool, which is more accurate. We analyze daily visits, sources, search terms, access times, and website bounce rates. Among them, the source vocabulary can be organized to form a more perfect keyword database.

then we can compare the Baidu dropdown and the bottom menu by comparing the database in a week. See what important words do not appear in the database and do 2 packet supplements.

in addition, the "jump out rate" in network marketing is an important concept in the process of network expansion. It mainly reflects the popularity of the page and solves the problem of the user. Higher jump rate, indicating that the site does not meet the needs of users or promotion does not attract users of the bright spot, as long as the user chose to leave, the amount of clicks on the site is not guaranteed. So we need to know about it, and then adjust the site structure, content, and user experience.

is here, I recommend the use of Baidu business, because we.

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