Group buying model analysis and future development trend

initially learned that the Groupon model was interesting, when I was thinking that such a seemingly cheap start-up cost could produce such a miracle, if it were in COPY TO CHINA, then. Indeed, after 1 months, Chinese everywhere Groupon imitators, hundred regiments kicked off.

Groupon model in China can be so popular, and rapid development, I think the essence is nothing more than 2 points:

1.: the relationship between supply and demand a lot of very clearly, businesses are willing to discount promotions to earn popularity, consumers love promotions, a wish to make a wish to suffer, hit it off, if the 80 percent off movie tickets, 70 percent off of the service, the rigid demand for everyone, this kind of situation, not only I will go, there may also pull colleagues and friends together. From the line of services, this is not new, but today it is put on the Internet to enlarge, so that this demand is more concentrated.

2.: the entrepreneurial cost group purchase website development cost is not high, there is now open source (without fear of the world into chaos), operating cost is not high, looks, high productivity and low investment business model, whether the risk investment, the senior personnel, the traditional service industry, or the university graduates who have joined group purchase group purchase station in the ranks of business, now many, I believe it will be more in the future within a period of time.

Although the

group purchase website innumerable, I also deeply worried, for these to Groupon and Groupon website, has a shape, but there is no God, that what is their core competitiveness? The difference between them and where? I think of any business model, is the number of users, so also a lot of plagiarism Groupon group purchase, entrepreneurs themselves do not have the basis for any user, can only rely on the creation of a new pattern, to promote to pull popularity ceaselessly, in Beijing more than the group purchase website, the user is also very serious overlap. No user base, in fact, each entrepreneur heart is not practical.

this is not what the market is, with the group purchase these pioneers paved the way, giants are followed, join the group purchase camp several major portals, launched rice group, QQ group purchase online, has a user base of community have also joined the battle: 58, Fantong, love and so on. The depths of the war gradually intensified group purchase.

is not a good IDEA in Chinese, as it is going to the other side of the United States such as the development of the Internet environment, because the Chinese decision, decided to China entrepreneurial model, giant China decision thinking. The market is a bit mature, the real players have just begun admission, buy is at this stage. Mode so I’m not optimistic about the U.S. group, handle this, hundreds of "beauty", finally only so few, this model is a protracted war, not to make quick money, not 6 months, the merger or the collapse.

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