Gon Freecss B2C mall website product optimization

Since the use of the Baidu robots

to screen Taobao after the mall model B2C site is a road go on fire, because there is a strong Metrosexual fashionista support, whether personal or business owners boss want to through this network mode make their product sales growth, Gon Freecss today in the optimization of the website products here, only the optimization is not seo.

1, product selection,

in the product selection we must carefully study can not be sloppy in the market, because the product is your soul, we everywhere to do promotion, keywords ranking do go up, also attract users to buy the product, but if there is a problem, you will lead to the loss of a large number of customers, before do promotion is white do.

1, product price

Think of some current users in the online shopping product price above consideration is the most

I personally, because they will feel subconsciously buy online than offline items is to buy things cheaper, so most people will be better than three, compared with when the price ratio is very important, so we need to their goods were investigated, the choice of an appropriate price, a few days ago, my mom’s boss found me, they are doing the fur clothing, let me give them a B2C website, then understand their products scared me, a piece of clothing sold more than ten thousand yuan, only for this those high-end users, I estimate that it is difficult to get online sales.

2, site user positioning

how to go to the web site user location, is a very important problem, which is directly related to our later how to promote their products, for example we are selling women’s Mall, we must consider the price and age level mall clothing, is more suitable for those white-collar workers or suitable for students, summed up these things we will have specific aim to promote.

3, allowing users to select products

In fact, when you think of

online enough to buy some items in his heart had wanted to buy the general type, but friends do not know to have found, like Dangdang, Amazon and so large shopping platform, their pages have some new products, such as a series of related products to users want to do these related products, is to let users have more choices.

4, product title settings

regardless of the site inside the product title, or in the promotion of the time, there must be a catchy title, to attract those users click traffic, allowing users to have a desire to buy, the consumption is passive consumption, lead (white crow elder brother: in fact, this phenomenon is gradually spread soon in the future it will become the mainstream. When 80 and 90 become the main consumer of the society, their life is gradually "rich", and they get more and more ways and channels of information, which includes a large number of information to stimulate their passive consumption. >

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