Local real estate network development thinking real estate developers leveraging the government to p

in recent years the real estate website is more and more popular, although prices have been regulated, people who buy a house but did not decrease, which also caused the local real estate website thriving, real estate developers can not sell the house, but the local real estate website but can’t nobody come to visit, because each city a large part of the group need a house, which is part of the group is the object of our fight.

local real estate website wants to develop, it must develop from the real estate business leveraging, because the director has the latest market information, sales of real estate sales prices, real estate opening time, if a local website can not provide the information for the user, then your local sites will not be able to get a good development, and the government is saying to promote the development of the local website, when we run a local website more or less will encounter some bottlenecks and obstacles, the best time and this time the government support is our breakthrough win only to hinder development, government support, what problems can be smoothly done or easily solved, can also be increased step by step, when I run the Baoding real estate network when one thing, many property developers threatened me to shut down my real estate website, and to the government for the unmoved Support, and finally, my local property network is not only the first place in the minds of the local people, but also received tens of thousands of advertising fees, this is the government to promote development.

operates a local real estate network to learn to live with the local real estate developers, real estate developers want most thing is to sell the house, but we think that is what the real estate network through real estate advertising to make money, so how to deal with the relationship between the local real estate network and the director? I think mainly from the start the following aspects, to provide a high-quality station advertising column, since the real estate developers want to sell the house, then we in the website to dig out a high value of the publicity columns, column contents should not be too large, can put down the three banner ads most good, put more on the effect of the user experience. Two lower prices, and real estate developers actively seek cooperation and information sharing, when the site developed we are not proud of, this time should lower the price to seek the real estate business information sharing, because real estate is the boss, they are very proud, proud of you than he he would rather not play advertising will give you advertising, because they are not bad money boss. Three advertising agreement signed, for the release of the long-term advertising, as a local real estate network owners, we must be thinking of advertising to be a long time, so we should sign some basic advertising agreement with the director, to ensure their own advertising fees at the same time also can get more profits.

the difficulties encountered in the development of local real estate website must learn to seek government support, local real estate net is what, fundamentally speaking is to provide real estate information for the local people, so to the government for a certain degree of support is not too much, when our real estate website on Baidu for a certain time the position can be put forward some requirements to the government of euphemism, such as what the government should hold large-scale activities, we can all of the relevant government departments.

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