3 months to 10000P day new sites to promote success nine Secrets

bought a domain name syy8.com because his scalp got hot. At that time, we bought the purpose of selling pirated discs on the Internet, but later our website found that the risk was too high, and decided to give up. After giving up our domain name server is idle, buy the money is not returned back, has invested a lot, so get rid of the heart is unwilling, how to do? It every day, looking for a way out.

we are doing department store sales, the need to recruit a large number of the sales staff, a lot of people to interview, the proportion of college students accounted for seventy percent, by us and their communication and negotiation, they found the job wrong ideas, can not adapt to the current social environment. Some students feel no face to do sales, lower than others, some students feel tired, eat bitter, some feel that low income, some feel that the work environment is not good, a lot of excuses. Wages are high, the environment is good, they do not have any experience (others do the company is based on making money, no boss is a loss based), and therefore not competent for this job. I see their situation, the heart is very painful, read a university is out of hope that can change the family, and create value for society and contribute, and in fact, otherwise. So I want to do some things for what they do, think of a business website (named Shunying business network www.syy8.com), intended to shun, Xinxiangshicheng; win, synonymous with twenty-first Century, everyone wants to win and earn more, to achieve a win-win situation with our customers, mutual profit and common progress and development. After numerous thoughts and changes, it was formally launched in April this year.

webmaster do all know, after the new station online, the first thing to do is to improve the flow and popularity of the site, if a web site without traffic and popularity, is tantamount to not the same as this site. Of course we are, first of all is to solve the traffic problem, our website now has exceeded 10000IP/ flow, the data from our target far away, we are in the process of trying to. Share here today, our site in 3 months or so, from the new station to do 10000IP/ day traffic, I hope the new station have some help and reference. I would like to explain from the following aspects:

1, new sites do, the first thing to do is landing search engines, we use artificial landing. At home, we are all familiar with Baidu is the first choice, submit address is: http://s.www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.html. You just submit the home page without having to submit a detailed content page. Then there’s the search giant Google, Google, the free login portal, http://s.www.google.com/intl/zh-CN/add_url.html. Followed by YAHOO, landing address can be checked online. There are also other domestic search engines, we all landed, and now our website is >

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