2012 Chengyu stationmaster meeting documentary ndustry Report

I have the honor, to the webmaster annual meeting, cooperation, media guests status, participated in the 2012 and seventh China Internet Adsense annual meeting. Although, after one week, but the excitement prompted me after a week, write a written. Not for anything else, just because this grand webmaster year will bring us too many things. Because of limited space, the author will be written: "the One divides into two., following the 2012 annual meeting today: Chengyu stationmaster documentary personages" by many media outlets and user support, and I will start from the industry outlook, together with you to discuss the future development of the Internet industry. On today’s feature — "Chengyu: 2012 annual meeting of the documentary industry article webmaster".

industry: there will be wind and waves, sail sea

poet Li Bai, a poem, called "hard road". The last sentence, "there will be wind and waves, sail sea" is the most love. When Li Bai first wrote the poem, he just wanted to have an ideal day and show his talents. More than one thousand years later, this poem was given more meaning because of the convening of the 2012 and seventh annual meeting of the webmaster.

2012, the seventh annual meeting of the Chinese Internet owners concluded a week ago. "By boat to sea for development, win-win community, cloud age" became the theme of this conference. Organizers on tickets can be quite a bit of trouble. Unlike traditional tickets, the invitation to the conference is called "tickets" – 2012 of the tickets, and every invited station owner is considered a mainstay of the future Internet industry. When I see this topic and "tickets", it is natural to think of the popular above the famous poet Li Bai. Since the Internet industry has developed, it has indeed begun to enter a high-speed sailing process. Below, the author makes a brief analysis of the topic discussed by the three round table forums at the main meeting of the webmaster annual meeting and share it with you.

what kind of open platform is a good platform,

?The main venue of the

Roundtable forum called "the first win in the opening and integration", through the guest discussion, discuss how to borrow in the open platform of entrepreneurship trend, to help more owners to achieve the entrepreneurial dream and create wealth myth. If 2011 is the first year of China’s Internet opening, then 2012 will be a year of leaps and bounds. This includes both the leap of open platform products and the leap of open thinking. In this round table forum, the question raised by the host seems simple, but it doesn’t answer well. What kind of open platform is a good platform?

open platform, usually refers to the software industry and software system through public network, its application into interface (API) or (function) function to external program can increase the functions of the software system, or the use of the software system resources, without the need to change the software system source code. In short, it is a place where developers are allowed to display their talents in an application form. Open AP>

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