Grassroots Adsense looking for work sorrow

met a user on the Internet today, because he saw me in the face of the Shuyang talent online advertising, said originally is and I are working together, but due to various reasons, I can not let him and he let me work together, because he was in Shanghai there are doing SEO, I think to discuss with him, he said, looking for work, I also hope that he can find a good job, after all, this is a friend, in this place, in real life, to find a similar interest, are interested in the Internet webmaster is really difficult. I treasure this opportunity. But after two hours, I took him to the two network, I know the inside, let me feel our grassroots many times is really very helpless, grassroots webmaster in many ways, in reality really is very difficult, we really only good at myself personal website? Do station called


, the first one with our biggest network company in Shuyang, because I am familiar with their technical director, and because the director of technical director is also a grass root webmaster. So we may have a common topic, the future together business can also have a lot of topics, after that, my friend Thomas. The technical director Liu very warm reception, ask questions, give him some number of previous works that my friends at that time mainly the PS program is the art or web page. Or what?. This net friend, because he is familiar with this SEO. Although he said this website has almost three years, SEO has done more than a year, but a website he did, said a few days to do, because there is only one page, to tell the truth, I see a really eye-catching art, really bad. Although I can’t say what I do is how art, but that he did do is just to find a picture of a few characters in the above, a further description of seedling sides, this is called LOGO, because the site is on top of the background picture, where LOGO. It’s not at all compatible. After our director Liu also very much, he chatted a few we do network, do the general salary problem of this respect. And after he said that if he had to do, what he wants to do the work, friends said he is very good at this should be a SEO, Liu Zongjian told him, because their company is mainly doing business websites, if we do optimization, because a lot of customers, hundreds of customers. Is an industry that is pig and plants, if the optimization is done, the ranking of how to calculate, don’t let these hundreds of customers are tied for first, or that you give me ten thousand, I give you the second row, he gave me twelve thousand I’ll give you the first row. In the end, he talks to the chairman of their company, and if he needs to do SEO, he’s looking for it. I took him to the second house again. Because the boss himself was born of technology. At first I handed Thomas. Liu and he said that. When you get there, you know what it’s like to do business

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