Grassroots webmaster talk about how to operate a local forum

as the saying goes, "playing the land is easy, keeping the country difficult."". The fact that the site is the same reason, it is easy to build a website, even do not understand technology rookie can very easy to do a website, but how to operate a web site is more difficult, the author discusses how to operate a local forum to talk about some personal views.

, the author according to their own station experience, talk about some personal forum to do their own personal experience. How to successfully operate a local forum, I believe that should start from the following aspects.

first, the choice of website procedures. Some beginners start on the Internet to find some free source code, upload to a free space, began to do the station. I’m sure this station is bound to fail, because some of the source code online is not complete, SEO do not too good, there is some restrictions, even can get some improvement, but the future development will be restricted by. So it’s important to choose a good forum program.

second, the content of the forum is substantial. After the site is built, many webmasters are often based on the promotion of their website, a large number of promotion. In fact, first of all, to enrich their content forum, if you do not have ten thousand posts in the forum, the webmaster should not be based on promotion, because no one likes empty websites.

third, the effective promotion of the forum. The content of the forum is substantial, when it can be appropriate to promote, and many webmasters are often distressed, because they do not know how to promote. In fact, the promotion of a lot of methods, the need for their own slowly groping, such as, such as activities.

fourth, forum repair and inspection. Many webmaster often ignore this, they are busy in promoting their BBS, but did not pay attention to this, and so their website ranking down at a time, just remember this. The forum must check and repair timely, such as the procedure is wrong, is not a dead link internal forum, once found these problems, to timely repair, especially dead link problems, have a great relationship with your ranking. Hope new webmaster can pay attention to this point.

is the author of the real experience of the station, hoping to give the new Adsense a little help, do not place the old brick, forum Xiaoshan forum welcome the webmaster to Links.

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